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Losing weight depends on you rice eating also concludes scientists

  • Conclusion after scientific research on rice

  • Every rice was analyzed in scientific research

  • The polished white rice is the most dangerous


NewDelhi: Losing weight becomes a big challenge after one age.

Often people are also caught in the clutches of many other diseases due to being victim of obesity.

Now scientists have clarified the properties of rice after the research.

So if you want to lose weight then which rice is beneficial for you, you can decide on yourself.

This will give you a new way of getting rid of many other diseases that are overweight.

As soon as discussing the weight loss, it is often advisable to ask people not to leave rice.

But the scientists have analyzed rice and its characteristics.

The conclusion is that some special rice can be helpful in reducing obesity.

For this, people do not need to leave rice but need to improve their diet.

Generally rice is a great source of carbohydrate.

There are also fibers, which give energy to the body.

But the glycemic indices present in it are the real cause of the problem.

It is quickly digested and due to that, the quantity of sugars in the human body goes up fast after eating rice.

The scientists believe that since it quickly digested, people get hungry too soon after eating rice.

The result is that they start eating more to eliminate hunger.

Losing weight fails when you become hungry and eat more

This extra food also leads to extra calories in their body.

Which eventually starts to become fat and then starts buldging in the other parts of the body.

Various types of rice were analyzed in the field of scientific research.

All of them have the same calorie content. But the fibers contained in them are different.

The amount of this fiber also makes a difference to the body.

According to scientists, rice, red and non-polished or hand-polished rice is more fibrous.

Otherwise, when the rice is polished in the factory, its outer part is washed.

In this separating part, a lot of fiber also goes.

This fibre is only more beneficial for the body.

Generally, the rice brought in the market after the polishing in the factory is the most harmful because most of its peak properties go out during the polishing.

But one hundred grams of rice contains 150 calories.

Polished factory rice is most dangerous

Therefore, those who think of losing weight should not eat this factory’s rice at all.

Those who have blood sugars disease should also avoid white rice because it has more glycemic indexes.

If you are asleep to lose weight, then you can also experiment with changing the variety of rice.

You can eat rice that has high nutritious but they help reduce weight.

For example, when we eat one hundred grams of brown rice, our body reaches 111 calories.

But it also contains an antioxyantin called antioxidant.

It is helpful in losing weight.

Similarly, there is abundance of manganese in red rice.

This makes body metabolism right.

One cup of rice contains 216 calories. S

cientists have told that the thicker the color of the rice becomes more and more the amount of antioxidant in it.

Black rice without poles gives the highest 280 calories in this regard, while they contain micronutrients, vitamin B6, zinc, phosphorus, niacin and folate.

Scientists have made it clear that since there is no protein in rice, it should be eaten with lentils or any other protein-rich diet.

Scientific research says that before cooking the rice should be washed three to four times in order to get rid of the starch.

On the cooking of rice in more water, the excess quantity of starch is released, which causes damage to the body.

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