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Orchha, Where the police gives salute to lord rama

Lalitpur: Orchha is probably the only place in the world where the police expresses respect by giving salute to Raja Ramchandra on the occasion of sunrise and sunset.

Located on the border of Madhya Pradesh, 70 km from Lalitpur in Bundelkhand and just 20 km from Jhansi, Orchha is the only one in the world where Ram is worshiped as King.

Orchha Dham is recognized as second Ayodhya.

Here Ramaraja is sitting in his hair form, it is a fact that Shriram rests in the day  here and go back to Ayodhya at night.

After Shayan Aarti, their flame is handed over to Lord Hanumanji, who takes him to Ayodhya for the rest of the night.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that saint Satarupa practiced penance for thousands of years to obtain Lord Vishnu as child.

Lord Vishnu pleased him and blessed him, in Lord Tirtha, Shri Ram, in Dwapar, Shrikrushna and Kaliyug in the form of Shri Ram Raja of Orchha.

Thus Madhukar Shah and his wife Ganeshkumar were the incarnations of Saksh Dasaratha and Kaushalya.

In Treta, Dashrath could not do the coronation of his son, and his desire was also fulfilled in Kali Yug.

Shriram Raja is an interesting story of Ayocha coming from Orchha.

One day, Orachsha Naresh Madhukarshah asked his wife Ganeshkunva

to go to Vrindavan with the intention of worshiping Lord Krishna,

but Rani was a devotee of Rama.

She refused to go to Vrindavan.

In anger, the king said to them that if you are such a Ram devotee, then go to your Shriram.

On this, the queen reached Ayodhya and started her meditation with her cottage near Laxman fort along the river Saryu.

These days, Saint Shiromani Tulsidas was also doing meditation in Ayodhya.

Orchha became religious after queen’s prayer

Rani’s worship went on steadfastly after blessing the saint, but the queen was not seen for Ramraja for many months.

Eventually, she got frustrated and jumped into river Saryu’s mind to relinquish her life.

Here, in the depths of the water,she meet lord Ramaraja.

Rani toldhim her intention.

Ramraja accepted the proposal to go to her place.

But he kept three conditions, one- the journey will be on foot,

second, the journey will be only in the Pushya nakshatra,

the third, the idol of Ramaraja will not be removed from where it will be placed.

Happily, Rani Ganeshkunwar sent a message to King Naresh Madhukar Shah that she was coming to Ramraja (lord ram, the king).

King Madhukar Shah made a quadrangle temple with the cost of crores for setting up the Ramahaja temple.

When Queen reached Orchha, they put this statue in its palace.

Lord ram refused to go to temple

It was decided that in the auspicious time, the idol will be honored by keeping the statue in a quadrangular temple.

But lord  Rama refused to go quadrangle temple.

It is said that Ram came in the hair form and how could he go to the temple after leaving his mother’s palace.

Lord Shriram is still sitting in this palace and the quadrangular temple is unattended even today.

It is also a coincidence that the formation of Ramaraja of Orissa in 1631,

n the same day, the writing of Ramcharit Manas was also completed.

it is said that the idol is present in Orchha, when Ram was going to the forests, Child statue was given to Mother Kaushalya.

When Ram returned to Ayodhya, Kaushalya immersed this idol in the Sarayu river.

This statue was found in Ganeshkuvan from river Saryu.

Here are the names of Ram Orchhagadh.

There are temples of Lord Hanuman around Ramaraja temple.

Chadari Hanuman, Hanuman of Bajaria, the temple of Lanka Hanuman

are all around as a perifery.

Other valuable heritage sites of Orchha include Laxmi Temple,

Panchamukhi Mahadev, Radhika Bihari Temple, Rajahmal,

Royaprvin Mahal, Haraldul’s meeting, Haradoula Samadhi, Jehangir Mahal and its paintings are prominent.

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