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Indian scientists close to finding cancer treatment

  • Protein of stem cells will become cancer resistant

  • Experiment going on in the Bangalore Institute

  • Early experiment of stem cell on rats succeeded

  • Now documention of the process is being done


New Delhi: Indian scientists has made a lot of progress in finding cancer treatment.

This research team has identified the stem cell, which can play an important role in cure the disease of blood cancer.

This research is going on in Bangalore’s Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research.

The research team believes that a stem cell present in the body can work.

The name of this stem cell protin is named as ashrit.

In the category of hematopoietic stem cells, the properties are found which can be used to cure the disease.

It has been used on rats in order of research.

This experiment has been successful.

An international dissertation provides detailed information about this research.

It has been reported that P53 is a necessary condition to suppress tumors in the body.

But only 11 percent of this category’s cells exist.

Indian scientists are documenting it for further research

Due to the uncontrolled development of this P-53, disease like blood cancer continues to grow.

Now the process is being monitered further by researching its properties.

In order to prepare a science-based process of how the stem cell will work in the diagnosis of the disease in a timely manner.

In experiments conducted on rats, the symptoms of disease were first introduced in it.

When such disorders developed, its stem cell treatment was started.

After its use, activity inside the body was kept in investigation.

Scientists found that qualitative improvement in blood cells around the affected area can be recorded within six months.

As well as increasing blood cell count, many other disorders have also started decreasing itself.

Also, in this sequence, the increase of bone marrow and the growth of the elements necessary for the development of it has been recorded.

The leader of this research team, Manisha S. Inamdar, said that on the mouse it was used, there were all the diseases present in it, which usually happens to a person suffering from blood cancer.

In fact, it was found that when P-53 becomes uncontrolled, cancer-induced blood cells also grow in an arbitrary manner.

Using this new stem cell, this increase can not be stopped only, but it can also be brought back to its earlier stage.

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