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3 D printing makes revolution in organ transplant

  • Heart and other parts made of 3D printing

  • Research of Tel aviv university successfull

  • Next Phase to print functional organs

  • Within ten years all big hospitals will have this


New Delhi: 3 D printing in the field of organ transplantation is going to prove to be very effective now.

Israeli scientists have succeeded in preparing the whole heart of the  body

with fibers and blood cells by using 3 D printing technology.

Due to the success of this technique, the hope of transplant work will be easier and cheaper now.

During the experiment, scientists have printed the human heart,

in which there are all the qualities that are in a real heart.

It has been found in the test that the arteries and fibers in the heart of this

3D  printing have also been properly prepared.

For this reason, scientists associated with research hope that in the near future,

the human heart will be successfully transformed as a vehicle engine.

On the other hand, after removing defective parts new 3 D printed parts will be

transplanted in human body easily.

3 D printing of the hear see video

The scientists of Tel Aviv University have done this experiment.

The heart that he has prepared is in the heart of the rabbit heart.

But in the world it is the first successful experiment of its kind.

In this experiment the entire heart and all its limbs has been printed rightly.

Tala Divir, who led the research team, said that in its printing, cells, blood cells, arterial nerves and all the centers inside the heart can be prepared differently and correctly.

Prior to this, there is a 3D printing of the heart, but they could not be prepared for other cells or cells from such a barricade.

However, after the initial experiment was successful, scientists would like to further improve this technique.

Before realizing its true motive, it is necessary to check its properties and also to improve other flaws.

But after being successful at this level of experiment, it is believed that this technique will work in future end transplantation.

In which the damaged organs will be transplanted from this technique to the sick patient and implanted in the sick patient’s body.

This sequence involves making the heart prepared to work like a real heart.

The cells that are present inside this artificial heart are coming in contact with the blood but the task of pumping blood from there has not been settled till now.

The leader of the research team, however, expressed the hope that in the event of work progress.

it can be assumed that within the next ten years, the entire medical structure of the

medical world will change.

In hospitals, arrangements for 3 D printing of organs will be arranged.

After checking the patient after printing the bad organs they can be changed right there.

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