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Plasma rays raining continuously on sun parker solar prob sent photo

  • Scientists are busy solving this puzzle

  • Goddard Space Flight Center found it

  • It spreads millions of miles in height

  • These rays don’t run away they come back


New Delhi: Plasma rays are raining is the new information about sun.

It was told earlier that there is a big solar storm is going on in sun.

The continuous rains of plasma rays in the sun have been captured in the camera.

NASA‘s space shuttle, Parker Solar Prob, sent to the Sun’s expedition has captured this scene in its camera.

It’s a new puzzle for the scientists to solve the mystery of this rain.

Plasma rain Video prepared by NASA

These plasma rays are seen like rising waves from the bottom.

Now scientists around the world, including NASA, are trying to understand its causes.

In the center of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, regular Emily Mason,

who came regularly from mid-2017, opened computer and made a practice

to see the pictures about the sun there.

In October 2017, when she saw the sun on the picture and was shocked.

For the first time, she had seen the picture of the sun, which scientists had an idea about,

but there were no information or facts about it.

In the photographs, the rains of the sun’s rays were recorded between the long magnetic

waves of millions of miles.

From that time the scientists had told the world that there is a terrible eruption of solar storm inside the Sun.
Now NASA’s Parker Solar Prove has captured this situation under its mission.

In it, the plasma rays bouncing up to the top of the sun’s surface could be seen.

It is estimated that these rays go up to a height of thousands of miles and then are roasting like rain in the sun.

Meanwhile, the order of gas emissions from the Sun has increased.

After discovering this situation, the scientists are trying to understand the puzzle as to why the sun’s eye, which is called Corona, is more warmer than other parts of the sun.

This rain of the plasma rays has been called the coronal rain.

Plasma rays may solve more about sun

With this, the hope of being exposed to the two unsolved mysteries of this Solar System along with Sun has increased.

On Earth, water from the cloud comes to the surface of the earth as rain.

After showering the water, it again becomes a steam in the heat and becomes a cloud and goes again to rain.

This is the cycle of rain on earth. With the occurrence of the rain, the temperature of the earth decreases due to its properties of water.

This rain is happening in the Sun with plasma rays instead of water.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that this plasma rays extends lakhs of miles on the Sun’s magnetic terrain.

It is not cold like water, but the temperature of these plasma rays is also up to millions degrees Fahrenheit.

After reaching the end of the sun’s magnetic perimeter, it is again cooled and rinsed again over the sun.

In this order of inquiry, it has also been revealed that the outer part of the sun is three hundred times more hot than the surface of the sun.

Earlier it was thought that after reaching the highest height of the magnetic field after excessive heat, it turned into gas and got out in the solar system.

It has been found in the test that this does not happen with plasma rays.

They are returning to the sun again after being cold.


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