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Don’t  go for teeth whitening its dangerous

  • Conclusion of new scientific research

  • Keeping teeth white is the fashion today

  • It Effect the root of the tooth

  • Damage is always permanent


New Delhi: Don’t run for today’s fashion and show off.

Keeping teeth clean and white and shining  is one of them.

Many people take different types of measures for this.

Now scientists have told that there can be very bad consequences of teeth whitening.

In fact, trying to bring this shine, the upper layer enamel is brushed.

This is a very delicate layer which covers the protein part of our teeth.

Loosing this enamel created decoy in tooth upto its root.

Researchers at Stockton University have taken this result after researching on it.

They have found that the hydrogen peroxide used in polishing teeth is harmful to the teeth.

In this way chemicals damage the top of the tooth.

After the overlay of this upper layer, other layers of tooth are also damaged by one by one.

The research team has reported that the structure of the tooth is of three levels.

The outermost layer in it is of enamel. Which is torn by H2O2.

This enamel of the teeth starts to soften with time and for other reasons.

Due to this, people’s teeth also look yellow instead of white.

Many times the color of this enamel is red or brown due to cigarette smoking and other dietary flaws.

Just below the back of the enamel, it is a dentin layer.

which keeps the tooth cells attached to the tooth base.

Once the enamel cover is gone, this dentin layer loose its protection.

Which ultimately damage the root of the tooth.

Researchers have found that the tissues below this dentin level are extremely sensitive.

Normally this focus is on the topmost layer to polish the tooth.

But the amount of protein on the level of this enamel is very low.

Dentin, on the other hand, has the most protein and it is also the largest part of the tooth.

The protein found in this part is called collagen.

Research has found that by which the tooth is cleansed, it reaches the level of the dentin inside the hydrogen peroxide enamel.

In this process, that layer of enamel is cleared but damage is done.

There are bad consequence of keeping this Dentin layer open.

Due to this chemical, the percentage of proteins present in the Dentine starts decreasing rapidly.

There is adverse effect on the roots of the teeth due to low protein reserves and the tooth roots begin to weaken.

Associated Professor Kelly Keenan related to this research said that the findings of the research are that hydrogen peroxide has a very bad effect on dentin in the tooth.

He said that in the research order it has been seen that after the use of hydrogen peroxide, the dents of dentin begin to split into small pieces.

After discovering this, scientists had also seen hydrogen peroxide reaction from the pure collagen to understand further.

It was found that pure collagen is also surrounded by a gel material.

When the hydrogen peroxide is inserted on it, this cover breaks and the real protein disappears.

This happens only because of their small fragments.

The research team has made it clear that the damage done by the teeth once it is permanent is permanent.

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