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Patrick Shannah said North Korea did not test ballistic missile

Washington: Patrick Shannah, the US Defense Minister has said that the weapons North Korea has tested did’nt include ballistic missiles.

North Korean news agency KCNA said on Wednesday that the country’s top leader Kim Jong Un has inspected

the trial of new weapons in the country.

Mr. Shannah told reporters on Thursday, “I have not gone to the bottom of this information

but as far as I know the ballistic missile has not been tested

and there will be no change in our stand.”

The Ministry of Defense on Wednesday It was confirmed

that he was aware of the report that North Korea tested arms.

It is noteworthy that after the summit between Vietnam

and North Korea in Hanoi in Vietnam, talks on nuclear

disarmament between the two countries have been stalled.

The summit was expected that the agreement between the two countries would be there

but the North Korean leader Kim Jong had withdrawn from the negotiation with the US President Donald Trump

after demanding his completing the resolution of nuclear disarmament.

The biggest obstacle on this issue was between the two countries.

Which was the first meeting of the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Lu, after the consent to finish.

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