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Prime Minister Mega and government resigns in Mali

Bamako: Prime Minister Saamelu Beaube Mega and his government have resigned between the worsening security situation in Mali.

The President’s Office issued a press release on Thursday saying that Mr. Maga and his cabinet had submitted resignation letter to President Ibrahim Boobaar Keita.

It has been said that the Prime Minister, MEGA handed over the resignation of all the members of the government to the President in accordance with article 38 of the Constitution through a letter on April 18, 2019.

The President has accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Government.

According to the release, the new Prime Minister will be appointed soon and after the discussions of all the political parties a new government will be constituted.

It is notable that Mali is facing communal tensions arising out of terrorist activities over the years.

Here in March about 160 people were killed in a massacre against the Fulani cowboy community.

Due to this the government had removed the head of the Armed Forces from the post.

There is continuous violence in the atmosphere of political instability.

There is also a conflict between the government and there is no solid campaign against the active militants.

Because of this, such violent factions have now established their parallel empire in many areas.

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