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United Nations warned five lakhs children in Libya are in danger

Sanra: United Nations has said that about 500,000 children are estimated

to be affected due to the violence in western Libya.

Henrietta Four, Executive Director of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

and Special Representative of the General Secretary for Children and Armed Conflict

Virginia Gamba said in a joint statement Thursday that about 1,800

of these children need to be immediately removed from these areas.

7,300 children have already been displaced from their homes.

Both officials said, “Children trapped in conflict areas are also at risk

of getting food and medical services.

Unable to leave these areas, people can not get security or help easily. ”

According to the SARA officials, about 1,000 refugees and migrant children are in danger due to the violence and they are deprived of the right to education.

Officials said, “Libya has been facing constant struggle for more than seven years and at least 820,000 people, including nearly 250,000 children, are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.”

The United Nations on the continuous deteriorating condition of Libya While expressing concern already, the attention of the world community is drawing on this.

Because of the violent environment there are only the most affected civilians.

The compulsion of most of these is also that they can not leave anywhere in the

country or their locality and can not even run anywhere else.


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