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Airport in Libya closed due to security reasons

Moscow: Airport of libya capital tripoli has been shut down. This Mittiga International Airport in Libya has been closed for security reasons.

Mittiga International Airport released a statement on Sunday and released this information.

Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman Ahmed Mismari told Saturday l

ate night that there was a fierce struggle in Tripoli and the surrounding areas.

There is a mention of the use of fighter aircraft in this conflict.

Mr. Misamari claimed that the army of the United Nations-backed Government

of National Action (GNA) is trying to attack LNA soldiers in the southern and eastern areas of Tripoli.

In view of the skirmishes between the two sides, the administration has decided

to close the airport for security reasons.

The LNA-led Field Marshal Khalifa Haq claimed four April to enter the

Al-Swani area in south-west of Tripoli and catch a group of other armed forces.

LNA claimed to have control over the sun and garayan towns.

It is notable that after the removal of Col Muammar Gaddafi from power in 2011,

there has been a new crisis in Libya that has struggled with instability.

Between the situation of civil war in Libya, the control of the government of that country is also nearing end.

There are about five lakh children who are unable to get the benefits and treatment.

Its special reason is violence in these areas.

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