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Slim is good in many senses but danger involved in diet control

  • Body indicates its natural demand of energy

  • Keep an eye on your body functions and indication

  • If its wrong change diet immedietly to compensate


NewDelhi: Slim look is of course good for health. Being slim is also beneficial in many ways.

But the urban culture and diet of the present era people accumulate fat.

After this fatness trouble develops, such people want to be slim at earliest.

For this, it is the easiest way to control diet.

Generally there are exercises and other methods to be slim but generally people do not want to bear that pain.

The desire to be slim sometimes makes you stand at the door of serious crisis.

After examining all aspects, the scientists have concluded that in such a way, trying to slim just by controlling food can be dangerous for you.

But there is nothing to worry about.

This is a remedy in which your body keeps telling you what it needs and what it does not want.

By paying attention to these issues, any fat man can control his diet and may also be healthy.

Research has found that in the desire to be slim, people only reduce their calorie in take because people have better information about it beforehand.

Reducing this calorie is not the only way to be slim.

But this also causes many problems to arise.

Research has found that if you are having constipation in these days, it’s anindication of extra callory demend from inside.

you should understand that your body has suffered a lot of essential calories.

Understanding this signal should improve people’s diet further.

Start taking more fiber in your food to overcome this defieciency.

In such a situation, you can use low-calorie vegetables and froots to meet the needs of more body fiber.

This will satisfy your body’s internal energy needs and the stomach will also be perfect.

If you are constantly feeling fatigue and weakness during work at your office or at home, then it is also an indication of not getting enough calories.

In such a situation, you should eat something so that the body needs enough calories to reach.

There is no need to take too much calories for this.

From Indian perspective, this work can also be done only with rice and pulses.

If your hair starts falling during your diet control, be on alert.

You should understand that the necessary nutrition for human hair is not in your body.

These hair needs regular nutrition such as this.

When nutrition does not get, they start to fall.

If you have controlled your diet, then you should also keep in mind that you are not getting too cold even under normal circumstances.

If this is happening then you should arrange more energy intake for your body, because the energy of the calorie burns only gives energy to the body.

When there is a lack of energy in the body, the body temperature can not bear the external pressure.

Not only this, if you are often getting sick or constantly getting cold and caugh,

you should improve your diet.

At the end it should be understood that if you are having trouble sleeping or you are always angry, then it is the result of the lack of nutrition in the body.

Your empty stomach does not allow you to sleep by asking for food.

In nut shell if you are every time angry then you stomack is always hungry.


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