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Rajiv Gandhi to Rahul is ok now talk about rafale

Congress president again raised the tricky issue


New Delhi: Rajiv Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi everything you have said.

But you failed to mention more important issue of rafale.

So now talk about rafale.

The country has clearly understood the real point of this rafale plane deal.

Before it comes under any investigation, Mr Modi must clarify his stand on it.

Every time He tries to deviate from this most important issue.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi again pointed out the same while replaying to many issues raised by other BJP leaders.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has clearly mention Late Rajiv Gandhi as corrupt no.1

This comment has put Mr Modi on a very slippery ground.

Many BJP leaders had not come forward to support Mr Modi’s remarks.

Recently It was reported by some press that Rajiv Gandhi used Indian Navy vessele INS Virat for his personal stay with relatives and friends.

After this publication Mr Modi again repeated same allegation regarding the published reports.

Meanwhile  many Ex navy officer has come forward to deny these all types of allegation.

Setting all beside Rahul Gandhi again focused his gun on rafale issue only.

Rajiv Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi is 30 years memory

He pointed out that Mr Modi can remember events of 30 years back.

So It’s obvious that he has got a good memory of Rajiv Gandhi to Rahul gandhi.

So he must speak about the recent events of 30 months also, which is only the Rafale deal.

Meanwhile congress has denied the charge of misuse on Indian navy ship by

late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Party has made it very clear that in recent days Mr Modi is talking off balace.

So it must be taken on same spirit.

Congress leaders said its perhaps the fear of Mr Modi of loosing the election

and facing the rafale deal investigation.

Since this issue came up, he is always trying to evade this issue.

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