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Necklace pendant of Egypt’s king tut is nothing but a yellow glass

  • Its produced by collision of the astroid 

  • This yellow zircon is found near sahara desert

  • Researchers collected samples and analyzed


NewDelhi: Necklace pendant of Egypt’s powerful king tut was very popular.

For many years it was in the centre of discussion. Now the mystery of this yellow stone has been solved. Its nothing but a yellow glass type material.

But this type of glass is only produced when a meterite hits earth. It’s the result of the chemical reaction that actually occurred during the collision of a astroid with the Earth.

Glass rain wiped out majority fish species earlier

It has already been confirmed that due to the meteorites which burn after entering the Earth’s atmosphere, glass rains occur from the sky.

Due to the similar glass rain on the earth, an ancient period majority species of fishes were exhausted.

For this, the scientists collected and analyzed this sample of yellow stones found in the Egyptian deserts. An analysis of their molecular structure led to the opening of all the secrets.

The pendent in the necklace of the king there is also Zircon, which is a form of glass. Scientists said that during high pressure, they are formed due to the mineral called Reidite.

Its portions are also found in the modern glass. It is a different matter that these glass are now made in factories.

While researching on this, scientists have said that this meteorite had fallen to Earth almost 2.90 million years ago.

From this collision, this type of glass was made all around the Sahara desert area of the present.

Apart from Egypt, such stones are also found in Libya.

The molecular structure in the glass made in the factories gets the time to cool, Similarly, rhinestone is also made.

But the king’s necklace pendant was made naturally. It has been said about the origin of the occurrence that when a meteorite enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the atmosphere of adjoining areas becomes very hot due to the burning of it.

Necklace pendant was produced during air explosion

It can be seen as a series of explosions in the air. With this, light green and yellow small particles in the air are scattered all over the air.

Such chemicals are formed naturally by the chemical reaction that is due to the arrival of these hot particles in sand.

The research team of Curitine University of Australia had traveled several thousand kilometers of West Egypt to collect samples of this Zircon.

After sampling they were thoroughly analyzed. The result was that the result of this type of redite could only be produced during the fall of a meteorite on the earth.

Aaron Kawosi, leader of the research team, said that the debate is going on in the matter now that it happened during the fall of the meteorite or the chemical reaction of what happened in the air during its fall.

Because both extreme conditions have a similar effect on both the conditions present in the atmosphere and on the earth.

The high pressure caused by the collision of meteorites causes other metals to be formed.

In the same way, in 2013, there was a panic in the crowd in Russia, that they were scared from the sky.

There was also a considerable loss of glass rain in this manner.

Now research is being speculated that the airbuster that had taken place in the Sahara Desert had generated about one hundred megatons of energy.

But in the same research, it became clear that according to the size of the meteorite, the impact of devastation on the earth is affected.

But the reaction of the air in the atmosphere is almost the same as they fall to the Earth. Only their size type can be bigger.


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