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Namo TV is off air now creates new ripples of controversy

  • This channel live without a valid license

  • The Owner said “I don’t know anything”

  • It was not registered in I&B ministry

  • AAP had lodged a complained about it


NewDelhi: Namo TV was running without any valid license, just after the election it disappeared from the all platform all of a sudden.

There is no one available to inform about this formally.

On the other hand, the experts believe that after the end of Lok Sabha elections, its utility has ended.

So it has been closed to save its operating costs.

But even after this, the transmission has stopped many new questions.

Namo TV was broadcasting simultaneously and in many slots on all major Dish tv platforms in the country.

It was only considered to be the medium of propaganda of Narendra Modi only because it was only his promotion.

But no one had openly taken responsibility for the operation of this TV.

Now after the closing of Namo TV, when the real owner was discovered, the name of a businessman of Gujarat Sujay Mehta came out.

In response to media questions, Mr. Mehta said that he is not associated with it anymore.

He did not make it clear that who was actually entrusted with its ownership.

On the other hand, the legal rights of its broadcasting have also been discovered full of errors.

The official formalities that have to be completed for the broadcast of any TV channel were not followed in the case of Namo TV.

NAMO TV ownership is now under doubt

The funny situation is that the BJP has never claimed ownership of this Namo TV.

But its promotion on the social media platforms of the party has been continuous.

When this TV re appeared suddenly on March 31, the appeal of BJP to continue watching it continued on social media.

It has been found in the scrutiny of documents that a company called New Hope Infotech was created in 2012.

Homoeopath Dr. Sujay Mehta was the owner of this profession.

He runs his homeopathic clinics in Vastapur area of Ahmedabad.

That channel was first broadcast in October 2012. At that time, assembly elections in Gujarat were going on.

This channel has the same address in the official documents, from where Mehta runs his clinic.

After complaining to the Election Commission by the local Congress leaders, the channel was suddenly closed for one day.

But came back after one day gap.

In the investigation of the company’s documents, a company named Sanjay Rasiklal Shah also came in.

This company was started by showing the capital of only one lakh.

One Lakh company earned 65 lakhs profit in a year

In one year’s broadcast, the company had earned a turnover of 3.5 crore rupees and earned 65 lakh profits.

It was told about the income generated by advertising.

Since then there is no business record of the company.

According to the income tax information, the company has been earning from its fixed deposit.

After catching the case, the documents of the broadcasting ministry have also been investigated.

In which this company has not been allowed to operate a satellite channel.

It is also not registered as a satellite channel in the Ministry.

In fact, when the NAMO TV complaint was made to the Election Commission by the Aam Aadmi Party, the Election Commission has sought information from the Ministry.

Despite all the rounds about this, the documents are still showing that its office is actually the headquarters of the BJP’s Deendayal road.

Even now after the broadcast has ceased, BJP leaders are not giving any formal statement so far.

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