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Katrina wants to go to dinner with Narendra Modi

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif wants to go to dinner with  Modi.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are busy with the promotion of ‘Bharat’.

They were asked who they would like to have dinner with, after thinking a lot

about it, Katrina named three names in which Salman’s name was not


Katrina told that she wants to go to dinner with the United States Secretary

of State Condoleezza Rize, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US actress

Marilyn Monroe.

At the same time, when the same question was asked of Salman,

he said in a joke, avoiding the talk that he does not want to go with anyone, although he laughed, saying that I, Me and Myself.

Salman said that instead of going out and dining, it seems much better to have dinner with his family.

Bharat film is now about to release june five.

Apart from Katrina in this film, Salman has also acted alongside disha Patni.

All the artists have great expectations from this film.

Everyone believes that this movie, which has been made of the most popular leaks,

will succeed in making the place in the hearts of people.

Katrina and others have great expectations with the film “bharat”

The artists of the film are doing promotion in the film in their own way.

At the same time, Katrina Kaif said in a program to go to dinner with Narendra Modi at a dinner address.

The promotion of this type of promotion during the promotion is also very entertaining.

After going to dinner with Narendra Modi, Salman’s reply also made a lot of publicity.

Now after the film’s release it will be able to know how successful the box office is.

Meanwhile Katrina kaif’s wish has also taken on a lighter mood in india’s political circle also.

Many politicians, attached to the film industry has appreciated Katrina’s approach in this regard.

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