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South Korea’s opposition party criticized the government

Seoul: South Korea’s main Opposition Liberty (LKP) has strongly criticized the

government for adopting a soft stand against the end of North Korea’s

nuclear program and urged the government to pressurize Pyongyang

to end nuclear programs.

LKP president Hwang Kyo Ahn said, “Moon J. will lead the government

immediately to end its soft approach against North Korea and keep in mind

that the pressure to stop the nuclear program in North Korea and the

human being Correcting the situation of the right is the only way to peace.

“Mr. Hwang, in the party meeting, violated human rights in North Korea

on the government The government has condemned the allegations of ignoring it.

He said, “South Korea government is taking a humble attitude instead of raising

voice against North Korea’s missile launch and providing food aid to them.”

It is notable that this statement of Mr. Hwang came at the time when this year

In February, there was no compromise on nuclear disarmament in Vietnam between the US and North Korea in Vietnam.

On the other hand, the news has already come that after the talks with

America failed, North Korea’s governance Kim Jong-eu has sentenced

those officers to death who were the advocates of the talks.

However, North Korea has not yet formally said anything about this.

But due to the presence of this type of information from North Korea,

the situation of improving relations with North Korea is also increasingly

deteriorating in South Korea’s politics.

The criticism of the government on this subject by the opposition parties

is also being seen in the same background.

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