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Another meteorite coming up faster towards the Earth

  • One pair just passed close

  • This meteorite is named Didymos

  • It also have a moon type small faction

  • Dart mission is to change direction of smaller one


New Delhi: Another meteoroid is coming towards earth very fast. Preparations for rescue from this meteorite have also been started. Before that two meteorites have passed beside the Earth few days back. By the way these two meteorites went together simultaneously. There was a time when the distance between these two meteorites was just 3.2 lakh miles. Now, it is learned about new meteorites that its axis has also become close to the Earth. It is already called as a didymos. It has been told that it is slightly smaller in size. Its length is about 780 meters and the width is estimated to be around 160 meters. Around this, another stone is circling around.

See the video of the proposed mission

Scientists know about that meteorite that it rotates around the Sun in every two years. Earlier in November 2003, it came very close to the Earth. At that time the distance from Earth was about four and a half million miles. Now scientists calculate that in 2123 it will be very close to the Earth. At that time, it will pass from the Earth’s atmosphere only 5.9 kilometers. Obviously, the impact of the meteor-like movement on this earth will affect the Earth.

Another meteorite devition mission by DART

NASA has started its DART mission. The preparation of this double-asteroid redirection mission (dart) is to destroy the meteorite from Earth or push it in the other direction. This preparation is also being done that it can affect the earth’s gravitational influence during its passage so close to the Earth. In that situation, this direction can also change on the earth.

At present, its speed is being considered very fast. According to scientists, this meteorite is now moving at a speed of 6.6 kilometers per second.
The scientists associated with NASA’s Dart mission want to push it from the axis of Earth with the help of an external force. Under the Dart Mission, solar energy will be provided only by the device sent in space. This will move forward with the help of this same solar energy. In September 2022, there is a preparation for approaching the Dedymos. At that time, this meteorite will also be about 110 lakh kilometers away from the Earth. Its Space X Falcon Rocket will work to change the direction of the meteorite.

Dart mission will also help in improving future technology

The scientists believe that if this technique is successful, the speed of the small satellite that is going round around the meteorite will also be reduced by one percent. But even after this, the scientists will keep an eye on the progress of this so that in the future it is possible to know about the arrival of the Earth and it is already known. The scientists, through this dart mission, also want to investigate the fact that how this measure proves effective for the future to prevent meteorites from coming towards the Earth. Based on the first test figures, other modifications will also be made in this type of mission for future.


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