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TB curing new technology of new compound produced

  • Research by two universities show the path

  • Many TB viruses are now drug resistant

  • Patients will be cured in less time

  • It removes the bio film sheild of virus


New Delhi: TB disease is a difficult challenge for the whole world now. The attention of the scientists was taken in this challenge because of the new problems involved. The main reason for many TB patients suffering from diseases is to develop immune system against TB virus.

Because of this, no medicine used to affect patients. Now its diagnosis has not only been discovered but it has also been used successfully.
Scientists have prepared a compound for this, which not only fix TB but also eliminates disease-resistant potential in viruses. It has been reported in the research that in the year 2017, TB had killed 1.5 million people all over the world. It is being seen as the fastest spreading infectious disease in the whole world.


Scientists at the University of Washington and Umea University of Sweden have discovered a way to get rid of this TB problem. The most powerful antibiotic medicines that TB virus has won over Ioniazit have also been changed by scientists. It has been stated in the published dissertation that a bacteria too has been developed in the laboratory to carry out this research. Through this bacteria, the effect of all future researches will be checked.

TB Viruses will loose its own sheild with this compound

The compound of this drug has been prepared now, it eliminates the immunity of drug resistant viruses in patients. With this the effect of the medicine starts inside the patient’s body and it gets cured.

The second benefit is being judged that the use of this compound will now reduce the time limit, which will be reduced significantly in a manner that the doctor recommends the six months treatment to cure patients.

Scientists associated with research conclude that most of the people who do not follow proper schedule of continuous six months.

University of Washington Associate Professor Christina Stalings says that the patient has to take four different medications. There is also a side effect of every medication.

Therefore, the more people will consume these medicines, the greater the effect of the drug on their internal structure. For this reason, many times the effect of the medication on the virus inside the patient also stops.

That is, the virus itself conquers these medicines. Now the new compounds will not allow viruses to do this.

TB virus protection armor removal compound was tested in lab

The methodology of this treatment has been told that the use of its use to eliminate the effect drug resistance of the virus. Once this bio film sheild is removed from the virus, the medicine starts working properly. As a result, the patient is cured in less time. Scientists prepare this compound after studying the activities of TB virus instead of doing research on medicines.

By using it the virus itself loses its ability to resist the drug. It was found in research that in such cases, such viruses create a bio film cover around them, due to which the effect of medicines does not reach them.

Then the investigation of this compound called C-10 revealed that it does not affect the compound virus but it prevents them from forming a bio film cover. This compound only removes this bio film cover. Once this cover is removed, medicines become effective.

In order to examine this compound, scientists examined a total of 91 compounds separately. After that it has been given the final form.

TB virus was produced in the laboratory which did not have any effect of medicines. After the use of this compound, it was found that the virus has lost its protective shell. For this reason, it is being seen as a revolutionary step towards the treatment of TB.

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