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Black hole actually may not be a hole at all

  • Three universities data research finding

  • It can be flattened in shape as assumed

  • Like the computer’s CD size shape


New Delhi: Black hole is again in the centre of debate among scientists. There was a situation like skepticism for a long time with this solar mystery.

Scientists are now talking about changing the outcome of the past. Scientists have a new view that black holes are not just like a hole in shape.

On Thursday, on the basis of the analysis of all the data received

in this regard, scientists have reached this conclusion.


For the past four decades, the notion that the black hole that was not visible

was actually a crater of a huge and extremely intense gravity.

From within it does not reflect the rays of light.

Now on the basis of new data, the scientists are refusing to accept it

as a hole any more. Many black holes of this type are spread over space.

It is believed that there is a similar black hole in the middle of our solar system.

On the basis of the analysis of recent data and received images,

scientists have said that the situation arising from the breakdown of

an extremely large star is giving birth to black hole.

It is not a pit, but it is also an area of ​​extremely high gravity, due to which it was estimated to have its pits due to not returning to the light.

scientists are of the opinion that this can actually be disconcerted by a certain size. The inside attraction is so much that the light does not get out of it.

Black hole studied through wave signals

In recent times, a picture was prepared with the help of waves. Since then, this work of analysis of black holes became sharp.

Some people think that this can actually be the size of a computer’s CD drive. The middle of which is the center of gravity.

Clouds of stars and gas falling in the outer periphery keep on roaming. Due to this situation, its outer part is visible, but globular.

This work of research has taken place after taking the first unclear picture with the help of the event Horizon Telescope for the first time in recent times. Based on which new new facts are coming out.

Three Universities Research on Black Hole Statistics

Scientists of North Western, Oxford and Amsterdam University have analyzed all the data and analyzed it with the help of computer’s Artificial Intelligence.

The result of these analyzes is that people now consider this black hole to be a flat circular area instead of a dark black hole.

But even after its flattened shape, its thickness is actually whatsoever, no estimation has been made so far.

Alexandre Tchekovskovsky of Northwestern University, said that it is almost the same that an arrow is suddenly dropped on top of a board.

The person who threw himself while doing so would not know whether his arrow would be seen in the middle of the board or not.

Any object goes into the middle of this black hole, it will surely be in deep black colored gravity, but outside it will continue to rotate around it.

But it is so certain that even after breaking the strings of the stars,

they eventually get absorbed inside huge gravity.

But the process is continuing continuously in the solar system.


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