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Many animal species reached the brink of extinction

  • Human will be the worst sufferer of this

  • Human greed is bringing the world to ruin

  • Urbanization and population is the main reason

  • Himalayan range situation is dangerous for entire India


New Delhi: Many animal species of the world have already reached near extinction.

Its only due to human greed.

Even now, with the development and promotion of its facilities, the person is sacrificing the other animals.

Wildlife is being destroyed due to human efforts like continuous urbanization,

many animal species in the forest are now standing on the verge of wiped out of the world.

In the same way, the need of food for its people has reduced the livestock population to a rapid pace.

Scientists consider it a threat to the ecosystem of the whole earth.

In the way the whole thing is getting worse, in the event of its crucial moment,

the world’s weakest organism will prove to be human.

Researchers have said that the attack of insect kites has increased greatly since the end of the species of a typical mouse in the Australian plains.

This is affecting crop production. On the other hand the chemicals used in controlling these

pests have become dangerous for human life.

In particular, it has been underlined that this situation is even more dangerous for India

because the Himalayan region is very sensitive to the environment and the situation is increasingly worsening.

Many animal species in land and water and now endangered

Scientists associated with research have said that the population of Many animal species living on the land has reached at least twenty percent below just due to human greed.

Their habitat is decreasing due to their shortage of forests.

Marine life is decreasing rapidly due to the pollution caused by humans.

Even there, human hunger is reducing the oceanic population.

According to the survey, there are about one thousand in the whole world’s creatures, which are now close to extinction due to human greed.

The main reason for this is the increase in human population.

Due to which, the expansion of human hunger and places has been shrouded in crisis over the lives of Many animal species.

Those who know about this, believe that nature has evolved in some way that it keeps on balance everything.

Humans have spoiled the situation of this natural balance.

So, when nature attacks, it is decided that the first victim will be human race only.

In an international conference held in Paris from 29 April to 4 May, it has been reported that the situation can still be handled and improved.

This can be done by improving it at every level and trying to make the first.

There is still time to reverse the situation

This report is prepared by 145 specialists from fifty countries around the world after three years of hard work.

then it may show better results in the next five years.

Otherwise, in many other countries, including India, the signs of natural imbalance of low rainfall and unfavorable rain in the rainy season have already started to meet the world.

After a certain limit, this situation will be completely out of human control.

The scientists are advocating more and more trees in the initial and every effort at every level.


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