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Heart attack, one of the major cause is less fruit intake

  • Scientists get new information in new research

  • The world has increases heat problems now

  • Data of 113 countries analysed for this

  • Scientists marked fruit and vegetable diet


New Delhi: Heart attack or heart disease today has emerged as a major disease for the whole world.

Often people have been affected by this disease or suddenly being affected by heart attack has become a common practice.

In its annual meeting, the American Nutrition Society has placed this conclusion

in front of everyone that one of the main reasons for the increase of

cardio-vascular diseases and the people suffering from heart attack is also

less fruit intake.

It has been reported in this meeting that lakhs of people from all over the world are eating less fruits than the actual body requirement.

It has been underlined that due to the fruits, there is no shortage in the human body, but eating less vegetables also lead to similar disorders, which eventually lead to cardiovascular disease.

Experts are of the opinion that it is necessary to consume fruits and vegetables to prevent diseases of this type of heart disease.

Victoria Miller, with the head of the Tufts University associated with this research, said that fruits and vegetables should be encouraged to eat more quantity to save the entire population of the world just from heart disease.

In this category, research scientists have also included frames.

All these nutritious elements provide essential nutrients to protect the human heart from disease.

Heart attack reasons were analyzed with food habbit

In order to reach this conclusion, researchers have done a thorough analysis of the human diet system and its properties.

On the basis of this, they have come to the conclusion that people should eat an average of three hundred grams of fruits per day.

This can fulfill their nutritional and cardiovascular prevention needs.

This work can be done only by eating two apples.

In the matter of fixing the quantity of vegetables and folks in the food, these scientists have quantified the amount of 400 grams per day.

It means the three cups of carrot juice.

Scientists have analyzed data from 113 countries to reach the findings of the research.

With this, about 82 percent of the world’s population comes under its purview.

Statistics made up to 2010

During the research, data from 2010 to 2010 has been included in this.

Which conclude that every year 13 million people die from heart attack and about 5 lakhs 20 thousand die from other heart related diseases.

The number of people who died from cardiovascular disease due to low vegetable consumption is also about two lakh per year,

whereas the annual figure of those who died from other problems of arteries is eight lakhs.

The reason for all these deaths is the diet of fruits, vegetables or fruits in small quantities.

Due to which the qualities of ending heart problems in the human body can not be developed.

Scientists have said that during the survey, it has been found that the

of fruits and vegetables is very low in many other continents including Asia,

and due to this, population of people suffering from heart disease is also increasing.


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