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Monsoon knocked in Kerala but situation of uncertainty

  • Many parts of Kerala have started to get heavy rain

  • Monsoon clouds are rising from Myanmar
  • In the rainy season, next important week

Shalini TS
Thiruvananthapuram: Monsoon finally has arrived at Kerala.

Before reaching it late in Kerala, it began to rain from Andaman areas two days before the scheduled time.

Since then monsoon activities have ceased.

It did not move forward to the Himalayas at the expected speed.

On the other side, it moved faster towards east and hit myamnar at a short time.

Pre monsoon rains are taking place in the north east indian states, adjoining to Myanmar.

In the meanwhile, due to the emergence of a sea storm, there has been a change in the attitude of the sky and the sky.

Because of this, the weather scientists are assuming that the monsoon is again dependent

on the speed of the storm and moving towards the Himalayas, that is, to the north of India.

This storm is catching up in the sea.

Ultimately, it is expected to land fa in the coast of Gujarat in the western part of India.

Scientists have clarified that the conditions caused by these storms have a strong effect

on cold air areas on the upper surface of the atmosphere.

Therefore, after the two weeks of turbulance between the storm and the monsoon cloud,

the clouds of the monsoon have been able to grow.

Now the stormy weather has prevented the wind from rising from the earth at a much higher elevation to the north east.

By the way, even in the northern areas of Indian land, the heat wave is inviting the monsoon to move forward.

Heavy rains in kerala has already filleing up the dams and other water resorviors.

The gate of two dams have been opened only after two days of rain.

Monsoon is the main resourse of indian agriculture

Due to the fact that the water level is relatively high since the floods here, the capacity of water retention in these dams is already low.
The weather scientists have been preparing to monitor its activities for the next seven days.

This is also being done because most of the Indian agriculture depends on this monsoon rain.

Meanwhile, if the monsoon spread to the other side of the South Indian states, then it will be decided to move forward.

This will be because the cloud of monsoon will then catch up after coming in contact with hot air in northern India.
Scientists have also informed that due to the low pressure area being formed in the Bay of Bengal, the rain has proceeded from that side.

It will show its impact in Myanmar and adjoining North Eastern states.

For both of these reasons, the next one week has become extremely important for monsoon.

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