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Tapasi Pannu will be happy to act with khan trio

Mumbai: Tapasi Pannu says that she will be very happy to work with Khan Trio.

Tapasi Pannu has made a special identity in the film industry.

Tapasi has a lot of offers. Tapi has not yet got the chance to work with any Khan from Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir.

Tapasi has talked about working with Khan stars.

On the question of working with Bollywood’s Khan Trimurthy, Tapasi said, “I would be very happy to work with him.

In my childhood I have seen three Khans films, but I can not choose any one of my favorites.

I love Salman Khan because of his personality, Shahrukh and romance … any girl’s dream is like Rahul, like to get boyfriend.

I like to watch Aamir Khan because he is a very interesting actor.

“Tapasi said,” I had initially waited for a movie with one of three, but I could not find any such opportunity.

So, whatever opportunities I get, I will certainly work with them, which could be my place in the industry. ”
After coming from the South Indian film industry, Tapasi Pannu has succeeded in making her differently known in the Hindi film industry.

Besides, due to the dubbed Hindi of many films of South India, TV viewers of Hindi films have recognized Tapasi Pannu better.

Due to this popularity, even after offering new films to him, she is paying more attention to further refining her acting skills by acting in different types of characters in films.

Now on this occasion, she will not have any problem in working with Khan Trio.

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