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Sudden death can be avoided by changing food habbits

  • Reseach proved the impact of this and sodium

  • Junk food has become a major cause of scarcity

  • Internal loss due to these were not known before

  • fat and salt acts just like poison inside the body


New Delhi: Sudden death are increasing day by day.

Even any man who was seen in a good health died at once.

Now after examining the reasons for this types sudden deaths, the scientists have come to the conclusion that its particular reason is the food habbits of the present day.

On this basis, scientists have advised to improve the food quality to avoid this type of sudden death.

This advice clearly states that after being completely healthy, especially the market should reduce the junk food or fast food.

Along with this, experts have recommended the quantity of sodium in salt too low.

Due to this sudden deaths can be overcome to a great extent.

In the case of a sudden death, The family is the most affected by these deaths.

This is because family are not mentally prepared for this type of tragedy.

There are no family preparations at times even financially.

The person who laughs, suddenly dies, creates a lot of trouble in dealing with the family.

While doing research, it has also been found that many times people do not die

but due to these reasons, due to the serious illness, they also spoil the economic balance of the family.

Sudden deaths do not give prior indications

Most people suddenly do not understand the reason for this disease.

After intensive research, scientists have described the reasons for this as a food disorder.

Due to taking excessive salt (sodium) in eating junk food or eating more often, the body slowly becomes weak and sick from inside.

Human beings do not understand these bad influences falling on the internal organs.

After a limit, when the internal registance breaks, sudden death seems to be moving on the head.

Generally, due to the evolution of medical science in modern age, human age is estimated to be 70 years of age.

This age can easily be achieved due to improvements in food.

On the other hand it has been found that by improving only the food system, about 940 million people of the world can be saved from time to time.

Today, the routine has become something in which the common man suffers from blood pressure.

For this, scientists have suggested five types of food methods after research.

With the help of these they can prevent the loss of internal diseases caused by high blood pressure.

During the research, scientists found that due to lack of proper diet, the more salt (sodium) and junk food poisoning work in the arteries.

Better eating method is the most efficient and sustainable method in controlling high blood pressure.

Avoid such ailments by giving up fat rich foods

This type of disease can be easily avoided by not consuming excess fat rich foods or junk foods.

Risks caused due to this can be terminated permanently by changing food habbits.

In the course of this research conducted at the international level, scientists have been talking about special attention in this regard especially in the African countries around East Asia, Pacific, South Asia and Sahara Desert.

Such findings have also been collected after analysis of health statistics from around the world.

Due to minimizing the amount of sodium in the food, this risk may be reduced to about 30 percent in people.

Apart from this, the abandonment of Basmati food can save about 40 million people coming to the danger zone.


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