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Virus genetics will help to detect and cure illness

  • Study of disease-causing bacteria continues

  • Many viruses have developed drug resistance

  • Old method of blood test takes more time

  • Genetic method also need development


New Delhi: Virus genetics will be the new technology to cure illness.

The effect of viruses is not often ending with medication.

In order to deal with this challenge, scientists have started moving forward on a new path.

Researchers are now studying the genetic structure of those viruses.

Many of them have become drug resistance now.

Viruses of many diseases, including TB and Malaria, are now getting rid of the effects of normal medicines.

The drug of more doses now also stops working on these viruses.

In such a situation, the patient’s condition is going to be tough day by day.

This has become a big challenge for the medical science of the world.

There are on going research in different ways to deal with this.

Under this, some scientists now want to understand the genetic structure of these viruses and find solutions through them.

This is the main reason why people suddenly discover the causes of disease like

pneumonia and sepsis during research.

Every year thousands of people suddenly die.

Even why they died remains unknown.

Now the genetic analysis of viruses is also trying to solve this mystery.

Viruse have already many details with us

It has been proved in the preliminary research that even when the external genetic bacteria

are inserted inside the human body, there is also its adverse reaction in the body.

Scientists found that many patients suffering from the disease suddenly suffered from this type of infections and the attack of external genetic bacteria due to food alone.

One case was confirmed after one week after the effect of the disease on eating a burger piece.

In the meantime, the body’s internal resistive forces continued to stop the external virus from growing.

The scientists associated with this research believe that this type of attack on the human body is continuing.

Due to the internal resistance forces, we can not even detect most of these attacks.

Whenever the internal resistive power gets weak then people get sick.

In the current method, blood testing is done by the process developed by Louis Pastur.

In this, some drops of blood are kept in the lab and it is monitored that the virus present in it after a few days developes and increase in number.

Then only the real virus is detected.

But the time spent in the investigation of virus or fungus is high.

Genetic coding of all such viruses will help us to find the real culprit.

Matching coding will be faster than virus testing

Dr Charles Chu, Microbiologist of the University of California,

who is associated with this research, says that for every virus,

it is better to examine different types of viruses that can match the coding of viruses to accelerate the detection of real disease.

One research was conducted over 204 children and adults.

Their spinal fluid was investigated .

In this investigation meningitis or encephalitis was detected.

This type of dangerous disease sometimes does not happen due to infection only.

Scientists do not consider this investigation completely successful,

but it became clear from the investigation that it is better than other popular methods

of investigation.


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