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Naxals killed four policemen in broad day light

  • This incident took place at kukry hat

  • Four policemen killed in this brutal attack

  • All arms looted after the attack

Chandil: Naxals killed four police men in broad day light today. This incident took place at kukry hat of saraikela-kharsawan district of Jharkhand. This place comes under the jurisdiction of tiroldih police station.

It was weekly village market day and at kukru hat thousands of people were present when they attacked police. Police party was present there as a patrolling team.

These police men left their vehicle and moving in the market.

It is reported that four policemen were killed in this incident. According to unconfirmed information, the Naxalites had also foiled the fifth police.

People saw the fifth policeman running away. But naxals were chasing him. After that, local people could not see the incident after the stampede. But till now he has not found the fifth cop.

This kikru village hat is known as the biggest weekly village market of the entire area. Thousands of villagers come there to get their required items. So when naxals attacked there was a large crown present. After the killing of four police men, all of them run away.

According to the information till now, the policemen killed in the Naxalite attack are two jawans and two ASI rank officers. After receiving the information of the incident, additional police personnel from the district headquarters have been sent to the spot.

SP has reached the spot himself. However, after the incident, people from nearby areas also escaped from the spot. In the villages of neighboring areas, men are not even in their own homes.

After the attack, it has come to the notice that the Naxalites were operating in that area for nearly a month. It was also alerted by the special branch of the police.

According to the unconfirmed information, instructions were issued to the Police Headquarters to remain vigilant in this regard.

In recent times, incidents of police encounter with the Maoists have happened many times.

More recently, the Naxalites also blasted the landmine on the road with the intention of killing the police.

From this it was feared that the Naxalite could execute a major event at any time.

But nobody was aware that in this manner, the Maoists could attack the police in this manner.

naxal camp is believed to be at ayodhya hill of west bengal

Now it has been pointed out that this place is very close to west bengal border.

At west bengal, the ayodhya hill area is now known for naxal base.

This border is approximately 10 kms away from the kukru hat.

According to the information, the police patrol was patrolling the market.

At that time, the Maoists invaded the police force, assaulted there.

The Maoists surrounded the police in close proximity.

Then with the knife, they killed the policemen.

Naxalites also fired in the market. After which the Maoists looted the police’s arms and fled.

Even after reaching the security forces in the area, no further information was found till now.

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