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Astronomer warned about possible threat of meteorites

  • These rocks wandering in space, continuous monitoring

  • A dozen meteorites advancing towards the Earth

  • Next one will come out on June 27 another


New Delhi: Astronomer have again warned about meteorites.

This time, a dozen meteorites are seen coming towards the Earth.

The American Space Agency NASA’s Meteorite Tracking Center has provided information on this.

By the way, NASA scientists have already made it clear that there is no threat of collision of all these meteorites directly to Earth.

Yet, it is continuously being monitored so that it can be detected any change in direction or speed along with their axis.

NASA Research Center Near Earth Objects Studies (NEO) is monitoring all such meteorites passing through the earth by the year 2200.

All these meteorites are also given attention because they are rotating around the sun.

It is also important to keep an eye on all these, because many times, passing through the planets, they change their direction and pace by coming into the gravitational gulf of the related planet.

Many of these meteorite wandering in the sky also have their moons.

Small meteorites move forward around their roots and keep moving forward.

Many times such small meteorites are more prone to straying.

Scientists have said that in the last twenty four hours, such three meteorites have passed near the Earth.

In this sense, the vigilance of the scientists was more.

Astronomers also released a list of those meteorites

According to the declaration of scientists, the meteorites which pass through

the earth are 2109LL 1, 2013YA14, 2019KJ, 2019Eleu, 2019LR, 2019LC1,

2019LB2, 2019LM1, 2010 N Y65, V2 of 2008, 2016 NN15 and 2019 LV1.

Out of these 2008 V2 will be most interesting to come close to the Earth.

It is going to be the closest to the Earth. This incident is due on 27th June.

It is now moving ahead of speed of 25,700 miles per hour.

Scientists have estimated on the basis of its size and speed that if it goes down

to Earth or any other planet then it can bring a great catastrophe.

It can make a rough patch of 660 meters deep on Earth.

A collision can create scale 7 earth quake on earth.

That is, the collision of a meteorite of this size and speed is certain to cause a great devastation on the earth.

But this time it will not affect the earth even after being very close to the Earth.

It will pass from the Earth about 42 million miles.

But in terms of space science it is a very close distance.

It is a momentous moment in proportion our vast solar system of vast space.

This can have other effects on Earth partially.




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