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Human personality can be defined by his face posture

  • Heck tilting towards frontwise is effective

  • Research was conducted internationally 

  • The analysis of every posture was done

  • Online survey also conducted for this


New Delhi: Human personality can be defined by its face posture.

A research has been done on the analysis of human’s personality.

Researchers have now made the findings of this experiment public.

Report has also been published in the journal International Psychology.

The findings conclude that human personality, who usually keep their nect tilted front , are more effective than straight posture.

This normal face doent give any special thing to understand.

psychological analysis shows that this type of human don’t come under pressure in normal situation.

Researchers have found that this category of men keep their chin towards front side.

It appears to be sloping towards the front of about ten degrees.

The person’s influence in this posture is more on the person sitting his front.

Now on the basis of these figures, it has been concluded that due to the neck tilt towards the front, the expressions of their faces are normal.

There is also no muscle strain, which affects the face.

Jecheri Wittkovar and Jessica Tracey of the University of British Columbia,

affiliated with this research, say that the person’s face makes an impact.

Human are easily caught while trying to fake it

On the other hand, when someone forcibly does this, tension arises on his face, which can be understood and read.

Any one who tries to create this artificially are easily caught.

It creates an English V shape in his neck.

Human sitting in front of him can understand this fake posture very easily.

But when it is in normal state, naturally the front is impressive.

Going into the depth of this research, scientists have found that in general, the tendency to sling the neck with tilted chin, comes with experience.

The human mind also understands its responsibilities in the subconscious state between the environment, culture and social activation.

Because of this, he naturally talks with this type of tilted neck.

Through this posture, it becomes clear that the person has attained serious nature because of his experiences and he does not speak non sense.

Therefore, even after having no feeling on the face, the person talking to him feels his seriousness only from his posture.

There is no manipulation of it.

Human were examined by different teams

In order to make research a better conclusion, different teams have conducted psychological analysis of the position of this posture among different sets of human.

During analysis, straight, +10 degree and – 10 degree wee taken fot analysis.

Only after analyzing the psychological data of the human personality involved in the research, the scientists have reached this conclusion.

The researchers also experimented online to further refine this research.

101 human participated in the first online experiment.

Recording their different faces, the result was based on the questions asked to them.

This led to the conclusion that in the normal state, the person with the eyes, eyebrows and facial expression of the neck has a good effect on the face.

On the other hand, those who see the face of the neck with a straight neck or stuck neck are not as impressive.


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