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India and Myanmar’s army joint operation against rebels

Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: India and Myanmar’s army has also started the joint operation against the rebels of the North East.

This is the first time the army of the two countries has launched an aggressive operation against the armed groups.

According to the information received, Operation Sunrise 2 has been launched for the first time.

This operation is taking plae at naga hills region.

This region is spread between these two countries.
The result of this military operation is that for the first time in the two-sided attack, the insurgents have been surrounded.

According to unconfirmed information, 72 of the armed rebels have surrendered after putting down their arms due to aggressive attitude of India and Myanmar’s army.

During this action, the camps set up there have also been demolished.

According to sources, mainly on the target of the attack is NSCN (K) rebel.

They may be responsible for the assasination of Arunachal Pradesh legislator.

When the information of this joint operation came in lime light,

the NSCN(K) has immediately issued a statement regarding it.

They have denied any such surrender took place.

In their statement, they said that their cadres are making preparation to take on

the battle with India and Myanmar’s army.

This operation is going on inside the geographical boundaries of

Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in the neighborhood of the area of

northern Myanmar in the Taga area.

The news is that after the reconciliation with the Indian Army, the preparations for this operation were being done for three weeks.

India’s border of Myanmar is about 1640 kilometers long.

In this region, armed rebels were freely moving on both the sides.

India and Myanmar’s army have surrounded all groups there

Initially myanmar was leberal on them.

Now Myanmar has changes its stance and taken strict attitute towards north east armed rebels.

All of these armed people were camping in different areas within the Myanmar border.

By the way, in this joint operation of the two countries Indian Army took on the Arakan Army,

which operated armed operations in Myanmar.

After the killing of 13 soldiers of Myanmar army in the attack from this organization

from May 15 to 19, the Indian Army is now completely cautious.

Indian Army has caught six dozen suspects.

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