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New information of the life of ancient earth came to light

  • Birds get feathers ten million years ago

  • Changes started at the time of Dinosaurs era

  • Birds with Wings on the ground were helpful

  • Later the land animal started flying in the sky


New Delhi: New information of earth’s life has revealed many new points. We all know about the life of the ancient earth. We also know that the most aggressive creature in that period used to be dinosaurs. Many of the Jurassic Park series films based on its life have also been made.

But the scientists are also doing further research. The new information in this research has come out that birds got their wings in later time. They have received their feathers almost ten million years ago. Before that they had no wings and they used to run like a normal animal to its feet.

This change in the life of bird species, which is also called the process of evolution, started from the same time. This sequence continued for a long time. The result was that their wings were fully developed. But the scientists believe that in their initial stage, their wings were very small and only used to speed them in the race. Some species of birds still use this technique even today for quicker running.

After getting some ancient fossils in January of this year, they were examined. Now the result of the same research has come out. On the basis of which the researchers have come to the conclusion that these feathers actually belong to the ancient genus Reptiles of Petrosaurus.

After seeing the feathers in animals of this species, there is a thorough investigation of that episode. In order to carry forward this episode, it has been found that the first bird in the time of change in the species was Archaeopteryx. The fossils of this species were found in South Germany in the first year 1861.

New information came out from the fossils of that period

Some remnants of this species have also been found in China, which are some older than the German era.
The findings of this research have been published in the Journal of Ecology and Evoluation. Professor Mike Wenton, the lead author of this research team and dissertation says that the tests of these fossils show that the process of change in birds was started in that period.

In those ancient periods, the small wings started to grow in dense but small wings. Also, changes in both wings were visible. It was the beginning of a long proces to transform creeping or running creatures into living organisms.

Research has shown that since 1994, so many samples have been obtained in this episode. Most of these fossils have been found in different areas of China. These confirm the principle of wings development.

In the same sequence, it has also been found that some of the dinosaur species of the time had feathers. It is estimated that perhaps due to this ancient structure, wings are often displayed in dragons used in Chinese legends and folklore.

Danel Dalli, co-author of this dissertation, says that during this time the change of genes among birds of this species had accelerated. According to him, the stains found in the legs of chickens of the present species also confirm the evidence of ancient times when the birds did not fly.

Even the birds which can not fly much, these ancient signs are clearly visible in them. On the basis of these stains, due to genetic changes, wings have been rising in other places. As a result, the crawling or running life on the ground started flying to the sky.



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