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After the naxal attack the kukru hat remained deserted

Chandil: After the Naxal attack, the weekly market of Kukru remained completely deserted.

On last Friday, the Maoists had killed five policemen here.

The assailant Naxalite also took away all their weapons.

Even after a week of this ruthless murder, the people are frightened.

On Friday, there were very few people at this famous village weekly market.

Usually on Friday, a crowd of about fifteen thousand people used to be come here for different type of business.

The market premises spread in about three four acres.

While there was a tide of buyers in cloth shops in the long line, the farmers were seen quite busy in buying their animals.

People used to buy eggs from bullocks and goat etc .

In a large number of people used to sell vegetables too and in the name of nutrition.

People also came here to purchase diff,erent varities of non vegetarian supplies.

But after the Naxal attack, On this Friday, only a few people came in the hat

and went back with their limited necessities.

The local people said that since this is the first incident in the area,

the terror of the people has not yet landed.

That’s why people are still scared to get bored.

Before the Naxalite attack, the sale of millions of hats was in the market.

Due to being the biggest hottest part of the Weekly Haat area, businessmen

used to come from several big cities including Purulia, Balrampur, Bagmundi, Jhalda,

Jharkhand, Ranchi, Tata, Bundu in West Bengal,

but after naxal attack they no longer appear in the market.

There is no number of cattle in the animal market as well.

In the Churnulihe Kukdu main road, where the incident was carried out by the Naxals,

the shop was open but it did not show any customers.

After naxal attack no deployment of police

The Kukadu used to deploy police force from Tiruldeh PS for law and order in the weekly market,

but this Friday the police force was not deployed in the Hat.

Tiranlidih police station in-charge Dayanand Ram said that after the next order,

police security forces will be deployed in Kukdu Haat.

He said that no arrests have been made so far. Continuous search campaign is being run by special police force.

Very few people came to Haat due to the incident in the Kukadu market,

where local farmers were able to sell their kharo vegetables and get earning for the whole week.

the naxal attack has effected them also because of no one is coming to market.

Farmers said that the people of the region will have to go to Suisaha Market

in Tirumaldih and Bengal to sell the vegetable.

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