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Scientists warned about side effects of Smartphone use

  • Signs of hork like bone inside skull

  • Happening due to watching the tiny screen

  • Deformation of skull bones will invite more problems


NewDelhi: Scientists warned about the continuous use of smartphones.

It has been found that a horn like bone is growing inside human skull.

Many younger generation people are effected with this change.

The future conclusion of this bulge is to get a horn like shape inside effected person’s skull.

Many species of animals have horns.

But this kind of change in human beings is being seen for the first time.

Researchers have justified the minimum use of smartphones to avoid this risk.

Some cases have also been found in which this horn mural has also been seen on the back side of the head.

The researchers have speculated that it may also be an side effect of keeping eyes on the tiny screen of smartphones.

While looking into the smart phone the user always keeps their head tilted forward.

which are creating a horn-growing bone in humans.

The gradual development of mobile has provided the benefit of the human being

to work out their work and to be in constant contact with their acquaintances.

But we have already known the effects of mobile radiation on human and other species of this world.

This is the first time deformation of human skull has brought to our notice.

It has been found in research that this tendency is seen more in younger people.

Many foreigners have been found abroad, whose horns on the back of their head have become embedded within the scalp.

Scientists warned about the methods of using smartphones

Scientists associated with research have said that by keeping a close watch on the front,


he pressure of the human muscles, the head and the spinal cord,

as a result of which, such a horn has started coming out in the back of skull.

Because of this constant condition, the pressure point is shifted from its natural position.

This change occurs especially in the forehead of young people.

Due to the second habit of viewing some people’s mobile, this movement is also visible on the back bone.

Scientists warned that before going to the doctor after this change,

the young generation can feel it him/herself or their guardians can look

and the neck and upper part of the skull. They can feel a bulge over there.

Scientistes warded about this has released its report on Sunsign Coast University, Queensland (Australia).

This change in human body texture has been specifically highlighted due to the smartphone that is the most commonly used in modern science.

Treatment of the pain caused by running a smartphone in the thumb of people in this sequence has also been started.

Therefore, by changing the habits during these changes in their habits,

it can also be prevented from further deteriorating.

People demanding to change the design of smart phones

After the conclusions of this research are being made public,

the structure and design of mobile are now being discussed.

Some people consider this as an important tool of ordinary human life,

but because of these dangers, they are talking about a change in its structure.

They have argued that this smartphone should be something like this

so that human beings do not have to face any risks like physical deterioration due to its operation.

The main author of the dissertation published in this regard, David Shahar says that

you can call it a horn, a bird’s beak or a mobile bone,

which is in the midst of the human skull.

But in reality it is a big threat in human texture and natural structure.

Surely, human beings can face many kinds of problems in the future.


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