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Light has its new property to change direction on its own

  • Physics research team run the experiment

  • The result of joint research of many institutions

  • It can move around a stationary center by its own

  • Usefull for space mission to detect smalerl things there


New Delhi: Light is one of the main source of life. It has been continuously researched.

According to this research, for the first time now scientists have discovered that natural rays can also change its direction by molding itself according to the requirement and circumstances.

In order to prove this research, scientists have done many research based on the data of the Solar System.

In these researches, new properties of light have also been confirmed.

Several institutions of Spain and the United States have jointly announced the findings of this research.

This new quality of this mass less energy in the scientific definition has been described as self-torque.

That is, it can twist itself around a particular center.

Researchers associated with this research have provided detailed information about this.

After the successful research, scientists have even made a deeper explanation of the benefits of its use.

Before this, this scientific opinion about light was that it is a wave form.

It usually runs in a straight line. But this research has shown that under this angular momentum, this rays can also be diverted.

The light could also be twisted at a particular angle, it was not conceived earlier.

Scientists have called this condition an orbital angular momentum.

It has been specially tested on the high base light sources.

Under this experiment, scientists have been able to spread the light all around a particular center.

It has been proved that light can also be discarded by the direction of its direct line.

Light is a wave which moves in straight line was the concept

When the scientists used it on a flat surface during the research, the shape formed, it was in a circular form.

After discovering this circular form, the investigation of the conditions of its turn was started.

While carrying out this research, scientists also used two laser beams.

It was noted that the rays of light above Argon gas should be left in such a way that they cut each other before the center.

According to earlier scientific theory, after cutting each other in this situation, both the light rays should move forward in their own straight line.

But it did not happen, and both of these rays of light went together on one side of the gaseous surface together with each other.

This proves that natural light can also turn the rays of light around any one center point.

Light Rays got together and proceeded in different direction.

It was in a twisted form to move to another direction.

When these rays of light were seen carefully monitered, the scientists found that they turned each other forward and proceeded forward together.

Deep research found that the first photon of light rays turned around a special center.

Later photons also went on moving towards this new path.

It was never imagined before.

Now, on the basis of this conclusion, it is also believed that the properties of space also work with solar lights.

It can be usefull in future space missions

Because of this property, it is able to move forward between planets, stars or meteorites in front of them.

After this experiment was successful, scientists have suggested that this technique can be used better now in the field of solar research.

That is, in the same way, these rays of light can be used in the same way by changing the direction of sound waves.

With the help of this, especially small space in space can also be detected better.


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