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Cancer patients expect a ray of hope with new Scientific research

  • Self destructing method for cancer cells

  • The cell which controls this is identified

  • One protein has the instruction swith for that

  • Lab and mice experiment are successfull


New Delhi: Cancer patients can expect a new ray of hope from a new research.

Scientists have found another way to eliminate cancer cells.

In this method the cells kill themselves.

This new method is expected that the virus of this deadly disease will end itself.

This will help many cancer patients to be fully healthy.


On successful implementation, it will be judged as a revolutionary step in the field of cancer treatment.

Scientists researching this direction have invented the new method.

This method has proved to be effective in early tests.

Under this, the cell has been identified that is common in normal cells, but it increases the overall process in cancer cells.

For this reason, the growth of the cancer cells in the patient’s body leads to the development of

the glands which eventually become tumor because the cancer cells are collected in one place where the healthy cells die under their control.

Now a cell named MYC has been identified. This cell controls the cells in this way.

Cancer cells are controlled by a protein

Scientists have included a protein under its research. This protein is ATF-4.

This protein itself is helpful in many things.

It has been found that when it is stopped, the cancer-affected cells themselves begin to produce proteins in such a large amount that they die.

This method has been successfully tested in the laboratory.

Scientists have been able to find this protein in order to try different methods continuously.

Dissertations have also been published in an international journal about this research and its findings.

After the success of this method, the scientists have tried it on rats too.

The prevention of the supply of proteins on mice also resulted in all the activities inside the cancer cells, which forced the cancer cells to die after compelling them to produce additional proteins.

After the success of this method, it is being further refined.

Professor Constantinos Koumenis,  who is associated with this research, said that after this experiment has succeeded, it needs to be further refined so that it can be worth the use of humans.

The method of this protein does not allow cancer-affected cells to escape.

They are forced to stay in one place and die slowly.

A better alternative to existing painful treatment

Researchers are of the view that after this available, a new option for cancer treatment will be brought forward soon.

It will focus on protein ATF 4 instead of cancer cells.

The same protein in the research has been identified as the center for delivering information to the cells.

Therefore, through this center delivering message to scientific cells, it is only through this center that they want to send wrong information to those cells.

Because of which these cells destroy themselves.

This will also help patients get rid of the cancerous cells that are currently being used to kill effected cells.

With the help of this method, patients will be completely healthy due to the treatment.

Studying the findings of this internal scientific activity, the scientific method of preparing another protein 4 e-bp is being studied.

As this protein is also common in both type of cells.

Its role is also being investigated so that any other method can be added to the treatment.



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