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Naxal attack at chandwa railway siding but not officially confirmed

Ranchi: Naxal attack has been reported again.

This attack took place at Chandwa’s tori railway siding.

But this has not been confirmed by the police so far.

It was a naxal attack can only be confirmed when police accept this.

Till now no extra information is available regarding the real cause of the attack or the attackers.

Actually photos alongwith input were posted at social media at first.

Later on Video of the incident also made available.


As per information availbale, the people of near by places heard a volly of gun fire from the site.

Later on they saw many Big vehicles were burning.

People who were close to the spot informed that A big group of heavily armed people came over there.

They fired at first. Later on they warned people to move away.

So people were forced to move back from the spot.

These armed people later on torched ten big transporting vehicles.

People saw these vehicles burning but they were afraid due to the warning of the armed group.

Later on Local police reached at spot.

As per informations available extra forces has benn sent to the spot and adhoining police stations were alerted regarding this attack.

But even after this attack it is not cleat that which naxal faction has done this.

There are many such naxal groups operation in the state of jharkhand.

All of them are actually busy in levy collection.

It is suspected that this group may have demended levy from the transported, who took it lightly and paid the price.

Naxal attack evidences are being collected from there

But After the police force reached there, some fired cartiges of automatic weapons were recovered from the spot.

Police enquired about the incident from the people gathered there.

But all of them were at a good distance.

No extra clue about the group responsible for this attack is gathered till now.

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