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New Zealand government is taking back all automatic weapons

  • New rule imposed after mosque firing

  • 250 weapons centers opened throughout the country

  • Prohibition of such automatic weapons of every kind in whole country

  • Special exemption for those who are possessing illegal arms can also surrender

Christchurch: New Zealand government is taking back all automatic weapons from all citizens.

After the attack at Christ church Mosque, the government has started the action to withdraw arms across the country.

Under this process, 250 such centers have been established in the country where arms are being deposited.

Only after the shootout in the mosque of Christchurch, the government issued a strict decision and issued instructions to withdraw all types of automatic weapons.

Under this government directive, many people have deposited there automatic weapons in these centers.

The government has given a go-ahead to hand weapons to those who keep their arms in a silent way, under the clemency process.

Many weapons have been deposited under this.

After the killing of 51 people, the New Zealand government has tightened the provision in the case of arms.

It is worth noting that the decision of the government is also supported by the opposition parties.

After all, all political parties had supported the proposal for stringent arms and law enforcement.

Under this official procedure, all citizens of New Zealand have to submit their own illegal or automatic weapons till December 20.

The only way to keep the common kind of weapons is given.

Police charge Stewart Nass said on behalf of the government that the real purpose of this process is to prevent dangerous weaponry from being kept in public, so that the tragedy of Christchurch’s mosque is not a repeated.

After taking the weapons, they are being destroyed immediately.

New Zealand government is paying the real price for purchased weapons

Owners of these weapons purchased under license are also being paid the price.

Under this process, the government has so far given the compensation of about 2 lakh 90 thousand three hundred dollars.

The weapons collected under the government process are crushed by putting them inside a very powerful hydraulic press.

So that they can remain as an iron junk and they can not be used as their weapons.

It is worth mentioning that under the amended rule, the government has declared all the weapons in this category illegal.

Therefore, the owners of such weapons have to submit these weapons to the government.

Those who hold such weapons under government records are also investigating.

From time to time, citizens are being reminded about this.

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