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Human brains also demand for better food

  • New find of scientific research released around the world on the brain

  • Most people do not understand their brain hunger

  • The body also gets strength from the brain

  • The mind makes the body slow in hunger

  • Balanced diet naturally available


New Delhi: Human brains also feel hunger. We can not even recognize this brain hunger on most occasions due to our stomach’s appetite.

Actually it is due to the activity of the hungry mind. When the brain does not get good food, then it becomes dull in compulsion.

Thousands of scientists around the world are working day and night to understand the human brain.

Now in this sequence, hunger for human brain and better diet for it has also been detected.

Generally, people are paying more attention to keeping their health perfect. People and children in developed countries are troubled by obesity.

For this, the emphasis is on trying different types of food system. Even to avoid obesity, a special type of food chain is also being mentioned.

According to estimates, the business of reducing obesity is also billions of rupees which spread throughout the world.


But scientific research only suggests that with the body, the human brain must be completely healthy and active.

Due to the lack of health of this mental health, many problems can arise even after the body is healthy. However, the brain also receives food from the stomach.

In fact, a sophisticated form of the energy that arises due to fragmentation of food inside the stomach reaches as a brain diet. It is the purest form of physical energy.

Human brains need energy to work properly

Researcher scientists have even prepared a special list of beneficial food for this.

In addition to normal vegetables, besides fruits and almond-based food, fish and egg are included in non veg section.

In this diet, curd and coffee are also kept in the category of good doses for the brain.

According to researchers, the grains also give more energy to the brain in this regard.

Most of these are also beneficial for the body and provide essential nutrients from the inside of the body.

There are some foods that are helpful in providing same energy to the cells of both body and mind.

Kristin KirkPatrick of the Cleveland Clinics Wellness Institute, which has a better understanding of this research, says that it is only the calculation of the benefits of nutrients found in all these food categories.

Nature has also provided natural color even on the basis of the elements present in it. Dr. Mitchell Gregor says that even with the color of the fruit, there is a natural identity of those natural elements present in them, which react within the body.

Therefore, in the chain of better food, scientists have included almost all species of food on earth, which also has diversity of colors in general.

Every meal has its own importance

All these types of food have its own role.

The human brains also needs different elements for its energy ie food.

For this reason, this food item has been prepared.

Generally there are many such fruits and vegetables in this species, then it is available to people naturally.

One consequence of this is that even by identifying their properties in normal type of food, humans can also make better food in less expenditure.

With this kind of balanced diet, their mind also gets equal energy.

This keeps his mind alive and alert.

Even after the person is not feeling this in the state of the mind, he can not make

decisions in the right way, and at times due to its lack of it, he can not even work physically.



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