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An invisible matter that can vapourise the human flesh

  • It seems like a science fiction story

  • Dark Matter is still unseen for all of us

  • The existence is indicated but unmeasured tii now

  • Question raised after few unnatural deaths at canada


New Delhi: An invisible matter that can kill you in a span of time.

It can make the whole person vapourise in a fraction of a second.

This really sounds like a science-based mystery adventure story.

But the scientists are not rejecting this potential theory altogether.


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Therefore, it can be assumed that there are many such secrets of solar space that are not seen by our open eyes and so far developed scientific instruments.

They also have a dark mater. There is no science-based theory about this condition and how it works. Of course, scientists have been certain about its occurrence.

For the last thirty years this has consistently been a research team. Every research confirms its existence but it is still unable to see the situation.

If the scientists believe that it can be a dimension, which can not see the eyes of the current species of human beings nor the human brain catched the signals of this dark matter.

However, on many occasions, the signs of dark matter were indicated.

An invisible matter is there its indicated every time

Asimina Arvanitika, who has been associated with the research of the Perimeter Institute for theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada, says that the dimensions we are imagining on them are probably wrong of their actual structure.

This invisible matter can vapourise a man and make him disappear in a fraction of a second.

We also know the examples of the heat of the nuclear explosion. It can also vapourise any living thing vapourise in a fraction of a second.

But let us assume that if this nuclear explosion takes place without visible light and huge sound, we will not be able to recognise it. Our eyes and brain will not feel it but we will certainly face the consequences.

ut the discussion is happening to this invisible force, which we do not know anything about. The research is going on in this Case Western Reserve University.

Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sindhu has come out with their new hypothesis.

if that assumption is correct, then the matters present in it can kill any person in a blink of time.

This may also be one of the reasons for a sudden death of a human being, because it progresses like a very fast bullet piercing the human body.

There is no wound on the body due to its passage but the death of the person can certainly be.

In the meantime, it is only a matter of using humans as an indicator for identifying it.

This invisible power is only a group of very powerful energy

Any person hit by this invisible matter,

instantly die but the forensic science can not define it.

This type of fatal injury doen not leave any mark,

For this reason, statistics of many such deaths

came to light in Canada, whose death has not

been certified in medical examination.

you have gone ahead by making vapour around the path of the invisible matter.


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