Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Company of MS dhoni's wife got scam money of amrapali group !
  • Amrapali gave more than 42 crores to Sakhi’s Mahi developers

  • This builder company has cheated 42000 People for home

  • This news came out in Supreme Court audit report

  • Most of the company’s business is in cash only

  • The matter is far more than expected

New Delhi: Company of MS Dhoni’s wife is also involved in Amrapali scam.

The Amrapali group has cheated many people in the name of giving the house.

Many of those people have filed petition in the Supreme Court.

For the first time in this case, the fact has come to the forefront.

It has been reported that the money from the Amrapali company has been sent to the company of wife Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni.

It is the report of the auditors, who were doing forensic audit of the company.

Under the agreement with Mahi Developers of Amrapali Group, 42.22 crores have been transferred to this company’s account.

This money has been given under the agreement between Dhoni’s company Riti Sports Managment and Amrapali Mahi Developers.

It is notable that in recent ICC World Cup competition, Dhoni had won the heart of the countrymen by putting his army symbol on his globs.

But now this new story has come out in the ongoing case in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Dhoni has decided to leave his cricket tour and spend time with his army detachment.

Remember that Amrapali group has grabbed the money of its 42 thousand homeowners.

These people have not got their house.

The whole project is stopped now.

Only due to this reason, Court recently canceled its Rera License and directed the second company to run the business and give the house to the people paying the money.

This responsibility has been given to NBCC.

The Supreme Court had appointed special auditor to go to the details of the matter.

This work has been done by Pawan Kumar Agrawal and Ravinder Bhatia.

Both of them submitted their investigation report to the court.

In the same report it has been said that Amrapali’s money has been sent to the company of Dhoni’s wife.

It is notable that Dhoni used to be the brand Ambassador of this group too.

Later on the dispute, he left this.

Company of MS dhoni’s wife done maximum business in cash

Now MS Dhoni himself has a partnership in both the companies that are in the discussion.

It has also become clear from this report that the matter is not that much simple as expected.

Article examiners are of the opinion that the money of the house buyers has been incorrectly sent to the company of Dhoni’s wife.

The bench of Justice Arun Mishra and UU Lalit, who are hearing the case, has clarified that this money has been transferred incorrectly.

Therefore, the money should be recovered from that company.

In the same sequence, the distinction has also been revealed that this

Amrapali Mahi Developers has done most of their business in cash.

This can also be proven to lead to a new kind of controversy.

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