Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Now see MS Dhoni with AK47 in his hand instead of bat

New Delhi: Now see a different picture frame.

All of us have seen this man with his bat in cricket field.

Now the item in hand has changed. Its not a cricket bat any more.

It is one of the most dangerous fire arm AK 47 in his hand.

Yes this is former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni.

But dont call him MS dhoni any more.

He is now Lt Col. M S Dhoni. He is presently posted at Kashmir area.

The former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni While separating himself from the foreign team’s tour of the cricket team,

he has decided to work with the army with his regiment.

His regiment is now posted at Kashmir.

As soon as he was stationed in his detachment, he was assigned one a k 47 for regular duty.

He has three full magazines like other officers.

Remember that Dhoni has been taking time out between his cricketing game and also completing the army’s necessary training.

During this period, he also completed the training of parachute jumping.

In his detachment posted in Srinagar, he will provide active service till August 15.

Now he is on regular army duty at kashmir

Their work has started 106th battalion. In 2011, the Territorial Army honored him by giving him honarary Lt. Colonel.

Dhoni accepted this but later on he proved that why he is called different from others.

He completed his army training by making extra time out from his cricket schedule.

After completing the training of five rounds of the Parachute jump, he has also got a special badge,

which was a ruckus for putting on his globes in the World Cup.

Army Headquarters has approved his application of active duty.

Presently his detachment is involved in active action against terrorism.

Under them, take the task of patrolling the border.

Lt. Colonel Dhoni has to do it.

In this sequence, he will also be posted on border posts on many occasions during his active military service.

Details of these types of assignments are not made public.

Only the army has made it clear that He will not be deployed between active situations like war or any mission against terrorism.

Apart from this, during his service, he will visit four good will schools of army and meet the students there.

During this, he will also meet players from local five cricket teams.

It may be that in the meantime, a match may also be held when time and weather are favorable.

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