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Carbon ring finally made by scientists after long research

  • Success came only after many failures

  • Better use in electronics expected

  • Research is still on to improvise


New Delhi: Carbon ring theory has become reality now.

Scientists have finally got success in making molecular ring of carbon.

Earlier many experiments conducted in this direction proved unsuccessful.

Scientists have finally achieved this difficult goal by learning something from every failure.

It has been called C 18. In the language of common sense, it is such a ring of carbon, which could not be made earlier.

It was first conceived theoretically.

Otherwise, the molecular structure of the forms in which it was found or made earlier was never made.

After the experiment was successful, when the researchers looked at this structure from micrographs,

they came to know that they have indeed succeeded in creating the structure of C 18.

A scientific theory suggested that this type of this can only be formed by double bonding.

Otherwise, such a structure is not found in other carbon forms.

This success has been achieved by working on the same principle in the experiment.

After the success of its preparation, it is believed that due to its molecular structure, this form of carbon can revolutionize the electronics world in the coming days.

It will play the role of semiconductor of very fine size.

This will make their use of electronic devices even smaller than the small transistors currently used.

Carbon is available in many forms

Carbon is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, with many compounds being formed and being the carbon-based of all life on Earth, it is the king of the elements.

Through allotropy, carbon (the property of elements present in two or more forms in the same physical state) can be present in diamonds, graphite, fullerene, and all compounds with different physical and chemical properties.

Diamond is one of the strongest materials while graphite is fragile.

There is a ring of its atoms in which each one is made up of atoms.

Due to their high response, these compounds have not been isolated or structurally characterized so far.

Recently a team of scientists from Oxford University and IBM Research succeeded in making cyclo [18] carbon (C18). Its information is given in a scientific research journal.

It can be used in may dimensions now

This new variety of structures with carbon atoms with alternating triple and single bonds could be constructed using high-resolution atomic force microscopy through atomic manipulation.

It remains to be seen whether these rings can stabilize with a salt layer, but they potentially have amazing electronic properties such as graphene.

Thus further research is needed to develop more efficient processes and to understand the different properties of the material.

But because of this success, scientists associated with research are quite excited.

They believe that by providing a permanent and more efficient structure to this structure, better work can be achieved.

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