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Blind people will get great help with new stimulation developed by scientists

  • With the stimulation of optic nerve, they will understand

  • Such people will be able to understand a lot

  • Eye signs will reach directly to the brain

  • Blind people around the world will get benefit

New Delhi: Blind people must be informed about this good news. The problem of not being able to see now is going to be solved.

Scientists have developed a method of Stimulation, which will give direct signal to the brain of the Blind people about the events happening in front of them.

With this they will be able to understand the events happening around them.


After normal training and experience, even after not being able to see, they will be able to evaluate all these situations in their mind and make a decision.

Around 39 million people in the world are troubled by this type of disease.

Their number is also increasing due to various reasons. By the way, due to the popular trend of cornea donation in many countries, such visually impaired are getting power to see.

But this new method, which has not been applied to the cornea of the eye, will also provide the power to understand and see everything with the power of your brain.

Detailed information about this technique is provided in the journal of Biomedical Engineering. In which this method will work, it is also explained.


Scientists associated with this research are actually working to connect the sensory and motor function inside the human eye with the brain.

With this, all the signals that reach a human brain directly, usually with the help of his eye, are mixed.

Blind people will get visual signal directly into brain

With the help of this brain implant, signals start reaching the brain directly. For this new method, scientists have made a link of 12 electrodes.

With this help, every vein that is used for eye viewing is operated by giving a signal. In the laboratory, it has been found that when light waves reach them through light, they make the veins attached to the eye active.

This causes the right signal to reach the brain.

To make this whole method efficient, scientists want to add 48 to 60 electrodes to it.

By the way, it has also been made clear that it will not return man’s viewing power, nor will he fully understand everything.

But with the help of this method, he will be able to understand all the normal things of daily life easily and will also do his work accordingly.

This will greatly reduce his dependence on others.


Scientists have said that to implement this method, they will use the outer part of the blind person’s eye.

In this part, that method of stimulation will be established and all this signal

from the veins of the eye will directly reach the human brain.

Scientists from Switzerland’s EPFL and Italy’s Scuola Superiori St anna are carrying out this work.

These scientists have created an electrode method inside the eye and named it OpticsLine.

Through this, all those signals will be directly delivered to the human brain,

which help the human to react by reaching the mind in the event of the eye being active.

sluggish system may also start functioning

Italian scientist and professor Silvestro Misera associated with this research has said about this that it also helps to activate many systems inside the eye.

Viewing process is not responsible for any one part.

But in case of any one failure, the rest of the process also stops sluggishly.

Therefore, when this work will be started by artificial means,

it may be that the dull methods without use are also gradually awakened.


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