Tue. Nov 24th, 2020
China's rover yutu 2 discovered gel like sticky material there
  • The curtain is now slowly rising from the moon’s secrets

  • No confirmation of what the substance actually is

  • Rover collecting samples from the craters there

  • Many more experiments will also be done


New Delhi: China’s rover Yutu 2 has discovered gel like sticky material inside the moon.

It is a gel-like substance, but what exactly it is, it has not yet been known.

This rover was sent to Yutu 2 along with China’s moon craft Change 4.

The same rover has discovered this material from within a crater of the moon in order of its search.

This Chinese space craft had landed on the other side of the moon has already done many research.

Now his rover is continuously collecting information about there.

By the way, the discovery of a gel-like substance is the biggest discovery so far because no information was found about any such substance on the moon.

Giving information about this, it is reported that its address was on lunar day eight.

Know that this lunar day is equal to two weeks of the Earth. This day on the Moon started on 25 July last.

After finding out this sticky substance, now an attempt is being made to get more information about it so that it can be understood what it is.

Why there is such a substance inside the deep pits of the moon, it is still a wonder.

Generally, according to the weather and temperature of the moon, there is no hope of having such a viscous material.

Even in the midst of extreme cold, if there is no substance in the frozen state, then it is also natural for scientists to increase interest in it.

China’s rover continues its investigation work there

This rover is currently examining pits as part of this Chinese lunar expedition.

In this sequence, for the first time any new fact has been revealed.

Actually, Chinese scientists have kept a scientific diary in it to record the details of all the activities of this rover craft.

Scientists of the control room are also regularly analyzing each and every information recorded in it.

So far, despite having no more information about this prison, many new questions have arisen in the

minds of scientists including China, because no such substance was expected to be there.

Some people speculate that the collision of meteorites falling continuously there may lead to this molten appearance of the glass being prepared in the sky.

But there is no scientific reasoning about why the glass is in a molten state.

By the way, Chinese scientists have not confirmed anything about it so far.

After landing on the other end of the moon of China’s space craft Change 4, it was successful in growing cotton flowers there.

But the cotton plants soon died in the harsh winter.

Since then, with the help of this vehicle, many craters have been discovered there.

Of these, there is also South Pole Eitken (SPA), which is considered to be the largest crater in this entire solar world.

Chinese vehicle has investigated the largest crater in the solar system

The vehicle’s Rover Yutu 2 has been continuously collecting samples from there.

Actually, through the analysis of these samples, Chinese scientists want to know in what circumstances and how it was produced.

In the craters there are small quantities of calcium pyrocene and olavine.

Both of these substances are found on the upper surface during the formation of the earth.

Even after the initial experiment to grow the plants failed, this Chinese vehicle is going to do further experiments on the birth and development of the plant.

Also, some research for radio astronomy is also being done with the help of this vehicle.

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