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we humans moving towards destruction of the earth?

  • The catastrophe came about 42 million years ago
  • Research by Florida University scientists
  • The present danger is also man-made
  • Lack of oxygen causes havoc

New Delhi: we humans pushing the Earth again to the side that destroys the Earth.

Scientists have completed a new discovery of this type of widespread destruction.

According to this discovery, about four and twenty million years ago, such a catastrophe occurred on the earth.

Most of the life of the Earth was ended by this.

Even about 23 percent of the marine life was lost in it.

The facts about these species are now known only from crops and scientists.

Because this species became completely extinct from the Earth.

We humans are repeating the same mistake again, due to which there was devastation on the ancient earth.

In the scientific definition, it is called the Silurian period, when the catastrophe occurred.

After continuous discovery, scientists have come to the conclusion that this round is one of the ten major developments in changing the shape of the Earth.

This catastrophe has now been called the Lau-Kozloski catastrophe in scientific research.

Scientists have clarified that the devastation on earth also started during that time due to the extremely low amount of oxygen in the seawater.

After this sequence started, there was no way to stop it.

So slowly the whole earth started falling into its grip.

we humans are repeating same mistakes now

Floria State University research is finding out what we humans are doing wrong.

Scientists of this university have traced the destruction of that ancient period.

This catastrophe is being considered important because apart from these, the catastrophic conditions were created on earth, there were other reasons for this.

Apart from this one catastrophe came due to tsunami caused by large meteorite falling, volcanic eruption or seismic earthquake.

This catastrophe is being seen by linking it to the present situation because we are creating such a human condition.

We humans are responsible for the manner in which the earth’s conditions are deteriorating.

Due to anthropogenic pollution and other reasons, almost the same situation is being created on the earth which was once the main cause of destruction.

Scientists associated with its detailed study have believed that due to lack of oxygen, only the carbon cycle of the earth had deteriorated.

Due to changes in weather and environment, many organic materials were buried inside the earth.

Due to this, the cycle of carbon on the earth was completely broken.

Because of this, the entire balance of the earth was so disturbed that many species of that era were lost.

Chelsea Vaumann, who led this research team, said that lack of oxygen can only be considered the beginning of the catastrophe.

Unfortunately, such a situation is arising again on Earth.

For which we humans are responsible.

Modern method tried in checking the destruction of ancient earth

Modern method and equipment were used by the scientists to carry out this research.

These people investigated the areas of Latvia and Sweden with the help of thallium isotopes, manganese and sulfur isotopes.

Through this experiment, it was able to understand how changes took place in that period and how the carbon cycle of the earth was broken due to lack of oxygen.

After coming to the forefront of this research, scientists are assuming that the present circumstances are also moving in the same direction.

It is already known that less oxygen is being produced inside the sea due to pollution.

This is disturbing the marine life.

On the other hand, due to this reason, the sheets of ice lying on the earth are also ending.

The ice of glaciers is going into the sea as water.

Due to this, in the event of sea warming, the danger of many large metropolises of the Earth getting absorbed inside the sea is increasing.

Scientists have made it clear that we humans do not immediately know the danger of this change happening in the depths of the ocean.

But by the time this reaction reaches the upper reaches of the ocean, it will be too late.

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