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Tooth decay problem solved with enamel regeneration at china

  • scientists create gel for permanent improvement of enamel
  • Patients would benefit if the test is successful
  • Enamel cover is the store of many minerals

New Delhi: Tooth decay problem will now be solved permanently.

Chinese scientists have prepared a gel that can improve tooth enamel.

Actually, the process of tooth decay and deterioration is due to the destruction of this enamel.

Many times this enamel of teeth is worn out even in an effort to make the teeth shiny.

After that, tooth erosion starts.

Now dental patients around the world can be satisfied with the information that the treatment is ready to remove this disorder permanently.

It is yet to be tested under other circumstances.

The work was started about two years ago based on an old survey report in China.

The data for the year 2016 indicated that around 24 crore people worldwide are suffering from this type of teeth decay problem.

It was also indicated that the number of patients suffering from this type of teeth troubles due to wrong eating and food is increasing day by day.

Around 48 crore children around the world are suffering from tooth decay during the breakage of their milk teeth.

The main reason for this is also the habit of wrong eating.

Detailed information is given about this research in a scientific arrangement.

It has been told in the beginning that apart from the human body, teeth are the most rigid tissue of their body in most eating animals.

Acidic food and cold drinks are the main causes of this damage.

These both damage the enamel of the teeth.

Tooth decay information helped to prepare this gel

Based on knowing so much about teeth, Chinese scientists have prepared a compound that can permanently eliminate enamel damage.

During the test, when this compound was applied at a thickness of 2.5 micrometers, the natural enamel in the teeth there regenerated within the next 48 hours.

Researchers have told about this that in preparing this compound, it has actually been provided with the same conduct as human fibers.

For this reason, they prevent the erosion of the teeth by creating new fibers in the event of a tooth overlay.

However, the researchers have made it clear that this gel-like compound has not yet been tested under adverse conditions.

Tang, a patient associated with this research, said that he had gone to the dentist regarding his dental problems.

He was having problem with his teeth decay.

It was found that there is a tiny crack in that tooth.

Dentinst made it clear that this cannot be rectified.

On the advice of the doctor, he agreed to be part of this test.

The experiment conducted on him was successful.

Now scientists want to try this compound on the basis of different reasons of tooth decay.

It is clear that there are many reasons for this type of mess in the teeth and there are variations in those defects.

Therefore, whether or not this compound can work in everyone is under investigation.

Experiment done after intensive study of complex structure 

Actually the structure of enamel is quite complex.

Despite being the most rigid fiber of the human body,

it also has a storehouse of many types of minerals.

These minerals are supplied to body whenever required from this store house.

On an average of two millimeters thick, if it is possible to make permanent improvements with the help of compound, then a large part of dental disease can be eliminated.

After this experiment is completely successful, the method of filling can also be eliminated to eliminate tooth erosion.

Due to the wear of the enamel in the present, the area is felt so that there is no tingling in the teeth when it comes in contact with a cold or hot thing and the pain is relieved.

The new compound can permanently heal these damaged areas from scratch.

It is currently undergoing clinical trials.

Only after this success, this method can be tried all over the world.

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