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Genetic scientists created artificial alive brain cells in laboratory

  • Signs of life in brain cells developed in artificial way

  • Can be a permanent cure for mental illnesses

  • Prepared portions prepared in ten weeks

  • Are more vibrant now with days passed


New Delhi: Genetic scientists have succeeded in making artificial brain cells in the laboratory.

As such, the cells were made earlier under the genetic development of this variety.

The specialty of this time cell is that from the brain cells prepared by this method, there is also evidence of brain signals ie being alive.

Genetic Scientists are quite excited by this conclusion.

They believe that by further developing this method, it will be possible to provide permanent treatment to serious patients suffering from mental illnesses.

Scientists at the University of California have developed this brain cell in their laboratory.

After making a very fine sized brain properly, when it was examined, the signals released from the brain were also detected.

With this, it is now believed that with the help of this method, in the future, the part of the middle of the human mind,

which is called the cortex, can also be improved and made anew.

With the main dissertation published in this regard, Alison Muotri said that

we have now succeeded in taking a big step towards making the brain fresh.

Further, on the basis of information about the complete structure of the brain so far, this cell can be further developed.

Genetic scientists made a model at first

To create this cell, a team of scientists first designed the model of the human brain.

After understanding its small part, this work was started to prepare a special cell of that part.

After this experiment is successful, it is believed that other cells inside the brain

with the most complex structure of the human body can also be sequentially

constructed in the laboratory.

Due to the brain signals from inside it, it is decided that like human brain, the power of neuron can also be produced in it.

After that, combining these cells properly together will create a vibrant model

of a particular part of the brain.

They have prepared this experiment by furthering this experiment by cell culture method.

Under this, organoids were formed in the initial stage from which cells are made.

After producing hundreds of organoids in the last ten months, the flow of electrical activity in them was continuously measured.

Two months ago, signs of electrical activity started coming out of them.

At that time, these were occasional signs.

But as they developed, the signs kept gaining stability.

It is understood that as these cells matured, they completed the task of developing themselves.

Their properties evolved as days passed

Now they are also exchanging signals among themselves.

For this reason, there is an increased hope of correcting disturbances inside the brain.

It has been seen as an early link to the development of the human brain.

It is obvious that in the coming days, in the event of its further development, in which direction this research is moving forward, it will be known.

The signals coming from these artificial cells at present are similar to those of a fetus.

Now the outline of their development is also being prepared

so that it can be compared with the brain development of the common man.

Scientists associated with research believe that this is a very early stage of brain preparation.

Only cells are made in the laboratory.

Other parts and structures required to create a new brain are not available.

But if this experiment is successful, then the remaining work will also be completed

and then it will be possible to prepare the human brain in the laboratory again.

In fact, with the development of these cells, scientists are hoping to improve

the condition of the brain cells of people suffering from mental illness.

They believe that the disease can be overcome by the reaction of such healthy brain cells in the mind of the person.

This method will greatly benefit patients suffering from diseases like

epilepsy, schizophrenia and forgetfulness.


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