Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
NSA Ajit Dobhal said Kashmiri in support of 370 removal
  • Pakistan trying to make trouble,
  • 230 Pakistani terrorists detected
  • There is no restriction in 92.5 percent area

New Delhi: NSA (National Security Advisor) Ajit Doval says that

he is fully convinced that most Kashmiris are happy with the removal of Article 370.

They are seeing more and more opportunities,

future, economic progress and employment opportunities,

only some mischievous elements are opposing it.

Doval said that there is no question of the atrocities of the army,

the state (Jammu and Kashmir.) police and

some central forces are handling public order.

The Indian Army is there to fight the terrorists.

Restrictive orders continue in only 10 of the 199 police

station areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

There is no restriction on the rest.

The NSA further said that Pakistan is trying to create trouble.

230 Pakistani terrorists have been detected.

Some of them had infiltrated and some have been arrested.

We are determined to protect the lives of Kashmiris from Pakistani terrorists,

even if we have to impose sanctions.

Terror is the only means by which Pakistan creates unrest.

Doval further explained that there are

Pakistani communication towers at a distance of 20 kilometers near the border.

They are trying to send a message,

we have heard the conversation,

they were saying to their men here,

how many apple trucks are running,

can’t you stop them?

Should we send you bangles?

There is no restriction in 92.5% area of Jammu and Kashmir.

NSA said that everything is happening under the ambit of law

Doval said the leaders were under house arrest

that there could have been problems in maintaining law

and order and if the meetings were held,

the terrorists would have taken advantage of the situation.

None of them (leaders of Jammu and Kashmir) have been placed under

house arrest with charges of treason or any offense.

They are under house arrest until a suitable environment for democracy is built,

which I believe will happen soon.

Everything is happening under the ambit of law,

he can challenge his detention in court.

Doval said that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is better than his expectations,

only one incident has occurred.

In which a boy died on August 6,

he has not died due to bullet injury.

The post-mortem report has stated that he died due to hitting something strong.

Only one incident has come up in so many days,

we are talking about areas affected by terrorism

and only one incident has come up.

He further said that we want to see all sanctions removed,

it depends on how Pakistan behaves.

If Pakistan starts behaving not to infiltrate terrorists

and Pakistan stops sending signals to operators through its towers,

then we can lift the ban.

More than 750 trucks are coming daily from Srinagar,

yesterday, two terrorists came who wanted to target Hamidullah Rather,

a prominent fruit merchant.

But he could not find him (the fruit merchant)

because he had gone away to pray or any other work.

They took two of his workers from Sopore to his home 5 km away.

Where he fired on his son Mohammad Irshad and

two and a half year old daughter Asma Jaan.

Both Pakistani terrorists had pistols and were speaking Punjabi, both are absconding.

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