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Artificial leaf made in laboratory is just like a revolution

  • Initially, the use of drug manufacturing was completely successful
  • Medicines will be prepared for the first time with artificial leaves
  • It starts working with solar energy availibility any where
  • You can take this mini factory with you anywhere

New Delhi: Artificial leaf made in the laboratory is now an industrial wonder in the world.

Scientists have prepared an enchanting artificial leaf.

The specialty of this fake leaf is that it can react to sunlight and create many things.

After this method is successful, especially in the production of medicines, the most useful thing is coming out.

After the experiment was successful, preparations are now being made for its commercial use.

According to the available information, it has been decided to be used first in the pharmaceutical industry itself.

Scientists have created this artificial leaf under solar energy research.

Prior to this, special attention has been given to operating electrical equipment exclusively with solar energy.

This is the first time solar energy is ever used.

Because of this also, this leaf is being judged as an important achievement in the scientific world.

In fact, in the solar energy industry, before this there has not been any new work on the use of solar energy in any work other than electricity generation.

Now scientists have presented this successful model of new use of solar energy to the world for the first time.

It has been found that with the help of proper technology, other works can also be done due to the energy obtained from solar energy.

Artificial leaf can be used for many purposes

Other photon-based production has been successfully demonstrated with the help of this artificial leaf.

In this method, the power obtained from solar energy can be used in any work with the help of sensors present in the leaf.

However, the structure inside the leaf is set to be different for different tasks.

Very fine reactors have been installed inside this leaf.

Based on the heat of the sun, it starts doing its work for itself.

Due to this predetermined work, this leaf starts its work automatically after being exposed to solar energy.

Actually it can also be considered a very fine factory, which works only on its own in sunlight.

That is, after exposure to sunlight, production starts on its own.

Scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology have succeeded in building this small solar power plant.

This fake leaf in use has been successful in preparing chemicals within itself on the basis of solar energy.

During the experiment, a team of scientists have been successful in preparing drugs, anti-malarial compounds and chemicals used in paralysis.

These type of leaves were made earlier for photo synthysis

Even before this, artificial leaves were prepared in the laboratory.

During that time, these fake cards only served as photo synthesis.

Now, following the same method, this work of making other compounds from solar energy has started.

After the success of this method, the scientist is also satisfied that the pollution that used to spread in factories during production, will be stopped completely by this method.

At the same time, the cost of fuel for operation of factories and the environmental damage caused by burning of fuel will also be permanently eliminated.

On the other hand, the resources required for this work are naturally available throughout the world.

This will also reduce the cost of production of each variety rapidly.

Scientists have told about this fine plant that inside this fake leaf, they have installed a silicon rubber as well as extremely thin devices that condense solar energy.

For this, the structure of the leaves has been made the basis.

There are also thin veins inside the leaves, which help in photo synthesis.

A simulated head similar to these, concentrates the solar energy in itself and provides the energy to start the plant in it.

When this condensed solar energy reaches inside, production starts from it automatically according to the predetermined schedule.

Anything can be made by altering the structure of the leaf

After this method is successful, scientists believe that fake trees can also be planted for many purposes,

which can give production like a medium-sized factory.

Of these, only sunlight will be needed as fuel, which we already have naturally.

That is, with its help, it will help in reducing the cost while producing many varieties.

Timothy Noel, a scientist and associate professor associated with this research,

said that it is a small-sized factory.

You can take it anywhere. Production can be started with the sunlight there.

By this method, the world economy will eventually benefit by reducing the cost of transportation of production.


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