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The speed of meteorites is the main danger for earth

  • This has 65 thousand more power than the hirosima bomb

  • NASA’s calculations recently proved to be incorrect

  • The next danger is expected in the year 2029

  • Meteorites change direction for gravitation


New Delhi: The speed of meteorites colliding is increasing.

Recently, after a NASA calculation was proved wrong.

After that all the information is being reviewed afresh.

In this sequence, it has been revealed that a particular meteorite, which poses a threat to the world, has 65 thousand times more power than an atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima.

Obviously, what will be the result of such a large meteorite hitting the Earth, it can be understood.

By the way, those who monitor its axis believe that the risk of its earth colliding is increasing.

The meteorite about which all this discussion is being done has been named by the astronomers as God of Chaos.

Let it be said again that all meteorites are actually pieces of stone.

After separating from their parent planet or satellite due to different reasons, they are moving around the sun in the shape of stone.

Many times such meteorites start coming towards the Earth’s surface due to the gravity of the Earth while their axis comes in the middle of the Earth’s axis.

All meteorites start burning due to their friction as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Small-sized meteorites burn to ashes in the sky.

But large-sized meteorites fall on Earth. When large-sized meteorites fall, destruction occurs according to their size.

Such catastrophe has come on Earth before.

The speed had caused destruction on Earth

In recent times, many such meteorites have left the Earth.

One of them passed through the earth just last night.

The special reason for the destruction caused by the collision of all these meteorites is their speed.

The meteorite that passed close to the Earth last night had a speed of 80 thousand kilometers per hour.

It can be understood that when a huge stone falls on the earth at this fast speed, its threat also affects the whole earth.

Astronomers have already told that while passing very close to the earth, sometimes due to the gravity of the earth, such stones change direction towards the earth.

The risk of catastrophe increases under similar circumstances.

The God of Chaos, which is expected to hit the earth, is expected to hit the earth one kilo meter wide and 518 meters deep.

It is evident that when such a huge pit is formed on the earth, its effect will spread to the whole earth.

This type of collision brings the risk of earthquake and tsunami.

Also, the surrounding area starts burning due to the heat of the burning meteorite.

Due to this speed, the gust of strong wind from there can also spread havoc far enough.

This meteorite was first seen in the year 2004.

It has been continuously being monitored since then.

NASA estimates that in the year 2029, this meteorite may fall on Earth.

The probability of their falling on earth is low in percentage

By giving information about this apprehension, scientists also make it clear that it should not be considered a final decision because many other astronomical reasons are also decisive in the meteorite’s fall to Earth.

According to the current data, the probability of falling to Earth is 2.7 percent.

But recently one such calculation by NASA has proved to be wrong.

The small meteorite that NASA had said that it would not hit the Earth,

came towards the earth just hours after the announcement.

Being small in size, it burned to ashes in the sky and its particles fell in the Caribbean region.

Astronomers are also working on methods to prevent these meteorites.

A special mission of NASA is going on destroying similar meteorites in the distant sky with the help of a missile or changing its direction.

Special missiles and spacecraft are also being prepared for this.

However, scientists also claim to receive new information from these meteorites.

NASA radar scientist Marina Brozovic has said that the meteorite that will come closer to Earth in the year 2029 will also be a golden opportunity for scientists.

But everyone believes that after coming close to the Earth,

such meteorites can change their direction due to gravity.

Earth should be ready for such a situation.

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