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BJP ‘s Tughlaqi decree to cut the clearance is strongly opposed

  • Congressmen burn effigy of Prime Minister and Transport Minister

Ranchi: BJP ‘s Tughlaqi decree to cut the clearance is strongly opposed.

On Wednesday, the Congress burnt the effigy of

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari

at Albert Ekka Chowk in the capital,

strongly opposing the Tughlaqi decree of cutting the BJP.

Earlier, activists of the Metropolitan Congress took out a

procession under the leadership of Metropolitan President Sanjay Pandey

in protest against the amended Motor Vehicles Act from Congress Bhavan.

The workers involved in the procession were shouting slogans,

stop the economic exploitation of the people, take back the Hitler decrees,

stop harassing the people etc.

On this occasion, President of Ranchi Mahanagar Congress Committee,

Sanjay Pandey said that under the amended Motor Vehicles Act,

the BJP ‘s Tughlaqi government has issued a decree

creating an atmosphere of fear in the general public

and is charging the amount of fine.

Mr. Pandey said that unemployment is at a peak across the country.

The rate of economic growth is falling down day by day,

the treasury of the country is being emptied by waiving the dues

of the big industrial houses and the present Prime Minister

instead of taking action on all this,

is engaged in recovering the hard earned money of the public.

Mr. Pandey said that the Congress believes that

following the rules applicable in public interest should be necessary for all,

but it is inhumane to force the people in the name of following the rules.

In the amended Motor Vehicles Act,

the government has handed over the right to recover the

public fear in the hands of the police administration,

without a campaign to make the public aware of the rules,

suddenly try to fill the treasury by applying it in the interest of a country or state. Is not.

Central and state government have to understand the public’s anger: Mr. Pandey

Mr. Pandey said that the central and state government

will have to understand the public outrage as the people of the entire country

are in a rage against this act,

as a result of which in many states of the country,

the general public is directly confronted with the

administrative authorities who at the social level

and from the political point of view, it is not good,

so the Congress is fined and punished by

the Central Government in the amended Motor Vehicles Act.

Demands to abolish the provision of.

The program mainly features State Congress spokesperson Lal Kishore Nath Shahdev,

Dr. Rajesh Gupta Chhotu, Jyoti Singh Matharu, Sonal Shanti,

Prem Kumar, Raju Ram, Alinder Chaudhary, Kamal Thakur, Vishal Singh,

Amitabh Chaudhary, Deepak Ojha, Surendra Sahu, Mo. Belal,

Jai Singh Lukhand, Amit Munda, Nitin Sirmaur, Vinod Sharma,

Gudu Yadav, Pankaj Singh, Santosh Sah, Jeet Sahu, Ajay Singh,

Babi Khan, Gautam Upadhyay, Jai Prakash Verma, Vinod Singh,

Feroz Alam, Deepak Lohra,

Nimki Hundreds of people including Sharma, Vijay Gupta were present.

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